May 24th, 2006

kemonotachi no yoru

2.5 more eps to go... will I make it?

So, after a bit of thought on the weekend, I decided to try to get caught up anime translations first for Saiunkoku since once that's caught up I'll have it on constant once a week and can concentrate on the novels afterwards instead. >_<;; So, for the past few days, I've been listening to the anime eps and jotting things down. To the best of my knowledge ep 2 is missing a few lines where I still can't quite pick out what's being said or don't know how to word it, ep 3 is in draft form (I still need to double check I didn't gloss anything over too badly or change something too much), ep 4 is half done, I stopped for the night in the middle only to start with a different ep later, ep 5... Ryuuren... >_<;; is mostly complete I believe - I haven't checked it over yet either. (Could be worse, in the book he's a lot harder to pin down and that flute would likely have just about killed anyone watching). ^^;

Oh, and I finished reading all the books except for #5 I believe. I skimmed through it very quickly and didn't really absorb much of the story line. I know I've missed some points because there are things mentioned in the short stories that I have no idea where they came from. Likewise, I've listened to the first CD Drama now (first novel storyline) and so now the head has no clear idea of what's said where and how (anime, CD, and novel are all in a swirl).

One of the things I've noticed with the anime is that it tries to put a bit too much in sometimes from the original novel. Not that this is necessarily bad, but for people who haven't read the novel it leaves some major question marks floating over the head - at least it does for me. Likewise, some of the changes in story for the anime... *shrug* While I like the anime's feel and style, I like the novel better for storyline development.

Also, since for the anime, I don't have the written script, there's definitely a high probability I'm going to muck something up. I've noticed it with the Ayu translations where there are some mistakes based on same sound different word. Since I've now read the novels I know what meaning was intended for certain lines, but if I hadn't... Add to that some unusual words, some really strange names / titles, and general oddity, things do get strange.

In any case, at the rate I've been going, hopefully I'll finish the last 2.5 eps in time for... ep 8? >_<;; It should be fun to watch this next ep. Especially since Ro Ensei gets introduced. I'm not sure if we'll meet Kou (yellow) Kijin (eccentric person) next ep. He's in the opening credits IIRC though so definitely soon. ^___^