May 9th, 2006



Eeee..... I think I'm liking this series a bit too much. >_<;; There's a lot I don't know/understand about the story still, but since I haven't read the novels, that's hardly any surprise. Still, there are little bits here and there that become clear the more I dig. Like how there are 8 colours, one for each of the seven nobility plus the imperial family. So far in the anime series, we've come across the following:

Shi (purple - imperial family)
Kou (crimson)
Ran (indigo)
Li (plum)


Aaaarrrrggghhhh!!! I accidentally ignored a spoiler warning when reading about one of the characters! Eeep! O_O;

Anyhow, for those who might be interested *cough* Mona *cough*, according to one site, the first volume for the manga is slated for a June release.

Published by: Kadokawa Shoten
Street Date: 2006/06/26

I'll see if I can't verify that date elsewhere. So far, the book's not listed in Amazon's database. Otherwise, depending on how things go tomorrow, I might start writing up some episode summaries. :P