May 6th, 2006

kemonotachi no yoru

Idiocy, idiocy, and more idiocy.

I really, really hate it when I have problems deciding what I want to do about something, but I've finally figure out that I'm having problems with one issue because I haven't a freaking clue what to do.

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I think the problem stems from my original desire for anonymity with regards to the RF site and not having any ties with my personal life / other 'net activities, but since the original domain has my personal photo gallery, and RF now also has some of my travel photos, I'm not sure how to proceed anymore. The two galleries are overlapping and its confusing trying to keep the two separate / straight. Add LJ to this pot given that website hosting allows for blogging as well and... >_<;; I'm feeling like there are bits of me everywhere and that I'm stretched really thin. (I need to pull myself together more perhaps. :P)

I finally remembered what it was that I was thinking about WRT FB that needed clarification. Kyo's father's words of "I won't allow *" can also be translated as "I won't forgive *" (yurusanai) I'd forgotten to mention that (it's been mentioned elsewhere I'm pretty sure) that this word has a dual meaning between allow and forgive depending on context. In my case I went with the he won't allow Kyo (to live freely etc.), but can also be taken as him saying he won't forgive Kyo.

Otherwise, a couple pictures I came across on my system as I hunt down my photos again (assuming I do recreate that photo gallery). I miss travelling sometimes. *sigh*

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