May 3rd, 2006

kemonotachi no yoru

Various thoughts, mostly FB

And another pause in responding to the past couple days of replies. It seems each time I got interrupted / paused, I'd fall further and further behind! ^^;;

Anyhow, the summary for ch 126 is up. There were some really interesting aspects about the language usage in this chapter. Minorly notable was that when saying Kyo was free, Akito used his name and didn't use any of the more derogatory terms she's used in the past when referring to Kyo. It further emphasized how she's changing and is moving forward.

More interesting however, was Kyo remembering snippets from the past and Kyo's father's words. The snippets that Kyo remembered weren't "words" per se, but were "sounds". Words that reverberated to his past and that memory of his mom kneeling in front of him. His father's words though. Watching him go from normal adult male usage of refering to oneself (watashi) and switching to what Kyo typically uses and is often used in manga (ore) was also interesting. It's generally considered to be coarser more vulgar usage so you wouldn't really expect the father to use such language IMO. The word usage change happens when his father yells:


Can't. You have to make amends for your sins.
To me.

You must make amends to me!!"


You can also see how his language usage takes a drop in the rest of the sentence from proper "nakereba" to slurred "nakiya". Continuing with the coarser language, his father then progresses from blaming Kyo, to his being born, to (his mother) bearing him and finally to blaming the two of them for having ruined his life and bringing him such shame.

When Kyo's father then goes into the whole scene where he yells for someone to help him and that Kyo's going to kill him, how Kyo must've felt not only listening to his father say such things, but that his father would think him so readily capable of killing someone like that over nothing? Poor Kyo. ;_;

Later in the chapter, Hiro's so cute with his prickly personality. Being annoyed about the mess and everything with Kyo throwing up, yet insisting on helping clean up since it bugged him. :P

Unfortunately, no hints as to where the next chapter will go, but hopefully Kyo will go see Tohru. She's obviously waiting for him to come, and he's faced his father. Someone somewhere (can't remember who or where) speculated on a scene between him and Akito which is possible but given Akito's change...? I wonder if he mightn't visit Kyoko or if that mightn't wait for both Tohru and Kyo to go together (if it is done at all).

Anyhow, after a few days of minor insanity, the female sibling unit is now winging her way to Europe. Should prove interesting and quiet over here. She told me she wouldn't bring back a ghost for me. Mrf! Although she did promise me chocolate. ^___^