April 11th, 2006

Frustrated / defiant Tohru

Strange Day; Breeding Bunnies and I'm a what?!?

What's it mean when, while conditioning your hair in the shower, you don't remember if you ever shampooed that morning? I don't have those sorts of start to my day often, but they do happen... >.<

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Today though... The female sibling unit and I went shopping. The FSU needs to get some clothes for her trip to Europe next month, so we went shopping. We went to the mall this evening; and did I mention we were going shopping? ......It was decidedly not one of our more productive shopping trips. Over 2 hours at the mall, most of it looking for her stuffs although I tried on some clothes and... when on earth did I become a size 0?!?

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While at the mall though, we stopped in at Callebaut Chocolaterie... ^o^ My big eared bunnies have somehow managed to breed and I now have a large dark big eared bunny, a large milk one, and a small milk one. Three bunnies... and here I thought those pants I'd just bought were a hint on the small size saying "you must walk". ^^; We'll see what happens now that we're going into spring. :P