April 2nd, 2006

kemonotachi no yoru

I Hate Daylight Savings -_-;

Ick! I hate daylight savings time. >_<; Not only am I up earlier than usual, it's not whatever time it's supposed to be. I think I really liked that aspect of living in Japan; no daylight savings over there. Bleah.

Thanks to those who gave ideas for how to cook ribs earlier. The ribs turned out very nicely and were very tasty. (I marinated the ribs overnight). ^___^

Likewise, thanks to those who mentioned that FB 125 is now out. I've got the scans now and will be working on writing it up tonight. It's mostly a student council chapter although I really liked the scene with the mabu-trio and Kakeru.

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And I'll say this much, kool-aid dyeing is interesting. I over-dyed some extra Koigu from the Charlotte's Web shawl as well as some Paint Your Own from KnitPicks. I might try ordering some natural undyed grey wools instead to add a bit more depth. :P Very good results with Strawberry and Orange, good with Cherry and Grape, okay with Ice Blue and bleah with Green Mystery - Lemon Lime maybe? A weird day so far today. :P