March 27th, 2006

Frustrated / defiant Tohru

One of those days..

No, not one of those days where you wonder why you bothered getting up, but one of those days that leaves question marks floating over your head. :-/ Work was completely unproductive and not only did we not do any work, but we put up new curtains instead.

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And so, even though it's now ~8PM, I feel like I've been up for much longer. >_< And while happy with the new curtains, we're not so happy with the new sheers. So now, I'm starting to wonder if maybe we can fillet crochet something else to replace the sheers. The thought of knitting briefly passed through the brain but was quickly vetoed. Likeise, we're considering sewing up our own curtains next time (provided we can find good fabric) although at that point, we might as well go custom. (We really should have this time, but didn't want to go through the time delays. We'd already sat on our butts after things originally starting falling apart). ^^;

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Next time, I do mochi "my" way. Hopefully it'll turn out much better. :P

*sigh* I'm out of ice wine, so I think I'll try knitting a few rows and work on *finishing* that silly Charlotte's Web. I only have 12 rows left assuming I only go as far as the original pattern. If I do an extra repeat, it'll be 28. :P