March 21st, 2006

kemonotachi no yoru

Shabu shabu, the frog pond and stuff

Tonight was shabu shabu night! Yay, yum, and oh God I can't move... >_<; *laughs* Shabu shabu, to me, is one of the ultimate single pot, cold weather meals. Utterly simple, nice and tasty, and generally quite healthy too... provided you don't stuff yourself silly like I did. :P

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Very much a simple and basic dish. :P Unfortunately, I think with that, we're out of most of the food stuffs for oriental / Japanese / seafood cooking from the trip to the oriental foodstore. *sigh*

Otherwise, I made good progress on the Charlotte's web for the most part tonight until towards the end when I discovered I'd forgotten to reverse the pattern for two rows. >_<;; So I spent the last 1+ hours frogging 3 rows and will frog the last half row tomorrow before continuing on. I have about 2.5 repeats left to go but am thinking about doing 1 or 2 extra repeats to make it larger. Not sure since it's supposed to stretch quite a bit in blocking. The really sad thing is that there are some comments that there's an error in the pattern while others seem to suggest it's okay as written. I have no idea (I can't see the pattern that well through the variegation in colour) so I figure I'll find out how it looks a la pattern when I finish. Sadly though, my mind said "problem" when I first read the pattern. But that's the visual/graphic side of me talking (which is something I'm decidedly *not* good at). ^^;

My order from Blackberry Ridge (aka my gold medal) finally arrived today! ^___^ Their mer-made yarn from what little I've handled it is really nice and I'm looking forward to working with it. The colours I'd chosen seem to be okay as complimentary colours for the Spice Caravan Robe so now it's a matter of finishing off a couple of projects before I get to start that one. >_<;; I'm really wanting to finish off Charlotte's Web and probably the Diamond Fantasy KAL scarf ASAP so I can start swatching and cast-on. The Lotus Blossom shawl IIRC, is barely moving towards the end of the first chart. Shall see if it can be photographed at that point. ^^; I'm doing the Lotus Blossom shawl using Handpainted's burgundy lace weight yarn and am having fun with it (now that it's on some regular bamboo needles rather than the ebony DPNs...). I get the feeling MS3 is seriously stalled at the moment. ^^;

There's one problem with having so many projects on the go though. Yesterday, I found myself starting to work on a project only to get confused since what should've been on the needles wasn't what I was seeing, and I couldn't follow the pattern as written... It only took me 5 minutes plus undoing ~7 stitches to realise that I was looking at the pattern for one project while holding a completely different project. >_<; That was bad. I then had to re-tink and redo what I'd pseudo-corrected. ^^;

Anyhoo, bedtime. I've got some new patterns for bedtime reading and to decide on my next project... preferably for after the planned ones get done. ^^; Seriously though, I'd love to do the Rosy Fingered Dawn depending on what it calls for (and how difficult it is). The Aurora colourway by Furryarns (handpainted Zephyr) possibly combined with their... Night Sky? might make for a really interesting shawl. ^___^