March 16th, 2006

kemonotachi no yoru

Fool! (No not the baking kind)

And so, today, we managed to go shopping at the Asian food market. While there, I managed to pick up some supplies for baking some things including:

- more azuki beans
- agar-agar (powdered)
- katakuriko
- more mochiko (sweet rice flour)

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After getting home, I then made the apple youkan. I used a red delicious apple even though I really wanted to find either a spartan or mac, but they didn't have any. -_-; The youkan turned out reasonably well, but definitely needs to sit and chill. The first time I tried it, after it solidified was a bit... meh. Neither here nor there; reasonable but nothing special. It was much better when I tried it after it sat for a couple hours in the fridge. Shall see how they are tomorrow after it's had a good chance to develop its full flavour.

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And tonight's dinner (part of) was the usual steamed clams/mussels with white wine that has become something I like to make ever since having mussels in Halifax (we almost always buy clams & mussels when going to the Asian market). The only thing was when going to cut up the carrots, one of them decided they didn't want to be sliced, so it rolled away and I ended up cutting my finger instead. Idiot! So now, I'm one finger short for the next couple of days while waiting for the cut to heal. >_<; It's decidedly awkward typing without that finger let alone doing things. *grumble*

The fun thing is, the female sibling unit, seeing the contents of yesterday's box, picked up some kool-aid (one of each flavour?) for me today. :P Tomorrow, the male parental is apparently going downtown and will try hitting the Korean food store and will look for some white beans and the other form of agar-agar (non-powdered) for me. :P Which reminds me, I still need to look up recipes for daifuku. I'd rather not make anything that'll give the female sibling hives. :P

Doubly the fool me; while out shopping today, we found the katakuriko that I knew I need for making mitarashi dango. What I didn't know was how much. So... being proactive, I picked up two packs (200g ea). I need? 2 tsp... ^^;;