March 14th, 2006

Humble Beginnings knitting

I'm weak; I admit it >_<;;

*Le sigh* After being good all weekend despite lots of drooling and looking at things, I finally gave in and ordered more yarn. >_< BUT, it's not the cashmere I've been ogling for the past several days (and started signing up for ebay at least twice only to tell myself "NO"). Instead, I went for some strange little fluffies (lace weight since I'm really caught on lacey things right now) by Cherry Tree Hill. Little fluffies that apparently were discontinued last fall and are getting hard to find and, while I could have lived in blissful ignorance, somehow, someway, I managed to discover a site which had this unusual little fluffy.

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I guess if there's one good(? silly, foolish, or stupid might be more accurate...) thing that came out of that unexpected yarn purchase, it's that I'll be casting on for the Sivia Harding KAL on the 15th. I picked up the DL version of the pattern for the KAL at the same time, so I'll be trying that too. It should be alright though since it doesn't use much yarn and calls for fingering weight to boot. 375m for the scarf which is virtually a shawl?? I've already got some "mystery yarn" to work with, so now I just have to print out the pattern. At least it looks to be more involved that the Charlotte's Web that's been putting me to sleep this past week. :P