March 10th, 2006



I think this is mostly for ichi_san but, just in case anyone is curious about making Japanese style sweets, I've added replies to this post from January about making tsubu-an with a koshi-an and mizu-youkan recipe. Tsubu-an and koshi-an are staples to dessert making much like custard cream or ganache would be. I haven't tried the recipes myself and key to remember is that the relative sweetness (the main variable) is to your own tastes. It shouldn't be too sweet, but nicely sweet.

There's one more recipe from that site on steamed chestnut youkan(?). I think that's what it is. I always get my nuts mixed up. :P

This post also contains an apple youkan recipe which sounds interesting to me. I'll have to see if I can find some agar agar at the store and give it a try. It's aimed more towards Western flavours IIRC, and looks to be a nice clean sweet. (This is more for me to be able to track it down again. :P I lost this recipe for a while).

I should look for a recipe to make mochi / daifuku. I haven't made that in ages! ^___^
Frustrated / defiant Tohru

Uh oh. Be still my beating heart...

Last post for the night. Honest! (Actually quite true as I'm about to fall on my nose). :P

Reading the Sivia Harding KAL group is officially very bad for your mental being... or at least to your pocket book. >_<;; Someone on there decided to post a link to this e-bay seller. Thankfully, I'm being kept safe because I'm not an ebay user and don't have an account there. (I had one near failure of willpower which reminded me that I don't have an account). This is simply too evil and resisting is proving difficult. >_< I have to remind myself that we just ordered some Fleece Artist although I have no idea when it'll actually come in. ^^;

Be strong me. You've spent too much money already this month for knitting and must wait for them to actually arrive. Better still, how about actually knitting something to completion me? >_<;;