March 2nd, 2006

kemonotachi no yoru

*wince* Feeling a little poor

Despite having about 6 weeks to go, I decided to order the female sibling unit's b-day present online. I'm not 100% sure yet about what I'm getting her, but so far I've picked up some yarn (doesn't really figure in in the concept of "present" but it's a colour she seemed interested in) and some Muppet DVDs. (<-- Okay... is that for her, or for everyone?? I have to admit, I'm really looking forward to those arriving. I *loved* that show as a kid. It's also her fault for reminding me about that show. She suddenly had a strange tune going through her head from the Muppets the other day; and of course, she just had to share it; and put it in my head). >_<;; I'm still debating if I want to try picking up anything from Handpainted for her or if there are any other books she wants, but knitting stuffs is really chancy; she's too likely to buy whatever interests her. Beyond these though, I have no idea what else to pick up for her (I might have to do the male parental's shopping as well). >_<;

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And Rosetta has posted a summary for Skip Beat so FB hopefully won't be too far behind now. ^_^ It'll be interesting to see where things go this chapter. The little teaser on Hakusensha's site sounded more like what we'd been seeing in the past couple of chapters and not so relevant to where things may go next so just about anything's game.... as long as it's not an aside chapter. :P

Quiet day so far, but it's time to hunt down lunch. :P