February 28th, 2006

Humble Beginnings knitting

RIP C2C Shawl - Oops! ^^;

So much for that shawl. ^^; Yesterday, after taking a break from the needles for a bit, I decided to try working a little with the C2C shawl (aka the mohair allergy project). Since it'd been a while since the last time I worked on it, I forgot what some of the stitches were and just glanced at the stitch legend and kept going not thinking about which direction the diagram was leaning (not to mention the legend was at a slant in my photocopy) and so rather than doing a sk2p I did k3tog tbl for a few rows. After a few rows it suddenly dawned on me that something wasn't looking quite right and I'd never done the k3tog tbl before then and... so I tried unknitting the rows but of course mohair doesn't unknit or frog nicely. So... annoyed with myself it went "snip!" ^^;; I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the rest of the Kid Merino wool yet. Oh well.

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The Zephyr from BoPeep finally arrived yesterday (yay!) so I'm thinking about trying to tackle the unruly porcupine again. (Definitely wish me luck! *laughs*) I wish I knew where my old crochet hooks were to do the Emily Ocker circular cast-on since trying to crochet stitches with knitting needles is... well let's call it an exercise in patience...... Or rather frustration and futility. >_<

Oh, and I'd forgotten to mention about the choco cupcakes that wombat1138 mentioned; they turned out quite nicely and stayed very moist for as long as they lasted (several days surprisingly). I'm a bit surprised since things here tend to dry out very quickly. BUT those are brownies NOT cupcakes! *laughs* They were very good, but there's no way I'd ever classify them as cupcakes. Next time, I think I'll try making them with the frosting since I think it'd go really well. I don't usually do the fru-fru on top concept but I think I'd make an exception for this one. Thanks for sharing the recipe! ^___^

Thank-you for the postcard ichi_san! It arrived in the mail today. Brussels looks lovely! *envy* ^___^