February 23rd, 2006

Humble Beginnings knitting

My procrastination knows no bounds...

Quick pop in to post my procrastination photos from yesterday. (Me? Take photos rather than knit with the deadline looming? Never!) :P

This one shows clue 4 completed on the left side of the shawl (the last side to eventually be worked), while this shows what things look like after Clue 5 is worked (ie the shawl being completed and coming off the needles). Looks pretty sad doesn't it? ^^; I'm hoping it'll block well, and from what I've seen from tugging and playing, it should grow quite a bit. Today, I'm aiming to finish the bottom section of the shawl and get well and truly started going up on the left side. Hopefully I won't have to stay up until the truly wee hours Saturday night/Sunday morning to finish ^^;; More later. ^_^