February 22nd, 2006

Frustrated / defiant Tohru


What do you mean today (okay yesterday now) was Tuesday?? What happened to Monday?!? ...... Oh wait... that was Family Day wasn't it. >_<;; I've gotten all of 16 points done so far for this border (I think I estimated around 63 points total) and... it's DULL! I keep catching myself forgetting which row I'm on or thinking about how many stitches I'd done or if I'm on the right or wrong side...... And the worst thing is, I still haven't managed to memorise the odd numbered rows' patterns yet (which slows me down further still). >_<;

Seeing the end of the shawl slowly coming off the needles is nice but I want to see more of it off! I also want to get rid of the point protector on the end of the circular since it keeps getting caught on things. ^^; I think I'm still on track to finish in time, but that's only with the Team Coach / Medic / Slave Driver on my case to quit procrastinating and keep going. Thankfully, she's been doing a good job catching me whenever I start dallying too much. Perhaps too good? Eek. ^^;