February 9th, 2006

kemonotachi no yoru


And so, Sunday came about and I got hit by a triple whammy (the female curse, weather induced migraine and allergies). -_-; I spent most of Sunday wandering around in a funk thinking "my pills... where are my pills..." and not finding them. Need I say it was a most unproductive day? Monday was a bit better in that the allergies went away and I resorted to taking Tylenols. ^^;

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I hope the weather settles down a bit though; the shifts keep giving me a headache and makes me decidedly unproductive (and my joints are starting to ache. I haven't had joint aches for almost 10 years!) -_-; Oh, and Valentine's is coming up. If I'm able to wing it, I'm thinking about maybe making that candy recipe wombat1138 gave back at Christmas time. Either that or some simple choco cakes or similar. :P I haven't done Valentine's treats for a couple of years now so why not. ^^; (More poundage to lose later...) ;_; Anyhow, the house is a bit chilly so I think I'll work on the great afghan project. :P