January 28th, 2006

kemonotachi no yoru


Reading that ginny_t was currently working on a project using mohair, I got curious and asked the female sibling if she had any spare mohair I could play with. (I've seen mohair and pet the stuff, but never actually played with the stuff before). She had a leftover ball from a previous project and told me it should be knitted as an aran weight yarn. And so, a happy little clam, I decided to play with it last night...

*cry* I can't use it. Not because I get a bunch of mo's in the mouth or because it's a pain to knit or anything like that, but because I can't BREATHE! >_<;; Okay, it's not as bad as the time I tried giving kitty a bath (an eternity ago when I was 14) but enough that it was getting pretty uncomfortable. Telling female sibling unit about it today, she says I'm probably allergic to mohair. T_T

Looking at mohair, it's apparently from a specific type of goat. Cashmere, is also from goat but a different kind. I can only hope that the mohair problem doesn't extend to cashmere. >_<; I have a scarf knit from cashmere and it never gave me problems, so I'm hoping it's okay. I don't think I've ever had mohair garments though. (That plus cashmere usually isn't as furry as mohair).

Otherwise, I'm tying in ball #4 today on the great afghan project. ^_^ The sad thing is, I still need to use a "thimble". >_<; A thimble with knitting?!? Um, yeah. The pattern I'm doing calls for knitting 2 stitches together which is a bit tight, and I have a tendency to stick my finger on the point of the needle to pull the stitch off the hook (don't ask). The result = ouch. Hence the Thimble-It thimbles. ^^;

Orchid Liqueurs

Out of curiosity, has anyone else tried Orchid Liqueurs? We picked up the Lychee flavoured one on our last trip to the alkie shop and... >_<;; Definitely a liqueur. I think we were expecting more of a wine cooler type drink but that it definitely is not. We ended up cutting the drink with some Canada Dry (no soda water or similar in the house). I'm curious about the Guava and Mango flavours (the girl at the till said she had the mango and it was pretty good), but if they're all this concentrated... :/

The other major 'out there' try was a Double Chocolate Stout. It's "double chocolate"... but it's stout... And so today's alkie trials didn't do too well. It was much more stout and where's the chocolate? For choco, I guess I'll have to try hunting down some Goldkenn. I wonder if it's still around??

And now, we shall return to knitting (under the influence! Shame on me!) and return you to your regular programming... ^^;