January 20th, 2006

kemonotachi no yoru

Sort of Summary for Ch 122

While being hurt herself, Tohru accepted Akito's loneliness. But just after that, the ground beneath her gave way, and she ends up falling from the cliff!!

Picking up immediately from where the last chapter left, off, Akito starts to scream in shock as she remembers Tohru telling her she wants to become friends and asking her not to cry anymore.

Akito screams for anybody surprising Shigure and Yuki who were walking up the stairs to the house. Kyou too, hears Akito and looks back.

Akito runs off yelling for someone to come help remembering Tohru's words, telling her not to cry by herself anymore, and that she didn't need to be afraid anymore when she runs into Shigure, surprising him.

Akito: .........


Help. Please


From the cliff...

Doesn't move......
Doesn't move at all... wha-

What should we do. Doesn't move. Help. Not at all...
Doesn't move at all...!!

Shigure: Akito

Shigure: Calm down

Who fell?

Akito: ...



Yuki, shocked on hearing Tohru's name, runs off to call an ambulance while Shigure asks Akito where Tohru had fallen from. Akito points back the way she'd come and that Tohru had fallen from back there. Still upset, Akito asks Shigure what they should do when Shigure interrupts her and asks if Akito had pushed Tohru. Akito denies pushing Tohru and (though Shigure seems somewhat disbelieving), goes on to tell how the ground beneath Tohru had given way suddenly.

Akito: ......


The one who stabbed Kureno......

As Shigure takes in Akito's confession, Yuki comes running back telling Shigure that he'd called an ambulance and asks him to take care of meeting it when it arrives. Yuki runs off continuing on to where Tohru fell and Akito turns to follow only to have Shigure pull her along with him. In the meantime, Yuki, having reached Tohru, stares shocked.

At the house, Shigure phones Hatori:

Shigure: Hello?

Hello, Hatori?
It's me.


Did something happen at the mainhouse?


If it's about Akito, (she's) here.
...yeah, here.

Shigure: .........
I heard.

How is he?


I see.

No, that's

Wait a minute

We've got trouble over here too right now.
...No, Akito's all right.



Apparently, she fell from a cliff

Kyo, having returned to the house while Shigure was on the phone, hears what happened to Tohru and runs back outside.

Shigure takes off his jacket and drapes it over Akito's shoulders. Shigure then tells her that Kureno was alright and Akito starts to cry.


That's as far as I've seen, but I've finally read a bit on one of the J blogs that also writes some of the dialogue and the rest from here is a summary of what they wrote in their blog, so no summary on the site until I read the rest of the chapter myself. ^^;

Yuki's standing by Tohru but seems angry. As Kyo reaches to touch Tohru's head (it seems like he touched it slightly), Yuki tells him: Don't touch her.

He then goes on to add that he thinks she hit her head pretty hard.

Kyo, touching Tohru's blood on his hand remembers the nightmare he'd had before.

Kyo: Hang on. Wait. No...
No, this isn't what I wanted.
Wait, this...

And Tohru, lying on the ground before him was exactly like in his nightmare.

Tohru, unconscious seeing a dream? sees Kyo from behind.

"I have to go after him. I have to tell him.
The one I love

I'm really happy we met

And while it might have all been difficult for Kyo
I really am so happy
That we did meet."

And then Tohru catches up to Kyo in her dream.
(You can't tell their expressions in the dream and it makes the scene feel even more sad/tragic)

That day (wrt Kyo's true form being revealed), my running after you so much
was just
because I'd already come to love you.
I loved you so I didn't want you to leave; not anywhere.

(The fangirl goes on to question whether Tohru really loved Kyo at that point in time, although Yuki did say that she looked like a "woman" when he saw her running after him. Conscious? Unconscious? Thinking about the school trip, it seems more unconscious at that time

It's just that, before that, Tohru had Kagura and Kyo go food shopping together and had a strange look on her face. I'd wondered about it but... Unrelated??)

"Kyo-kun, my being with you, my feelings for you, may have hurt you but"

And the two walking together is very sad

"Don't cry anymore"

(She then goes on that Tohru's monologue continues but she can't write it all down. ^^; She goes on to say that Tohru's feeling are very prominent and that she wishes for Kyo to continue to move forward. And the end of the monologue is very disturbing...)

"Please live
Don't give up walking
Please, that alone, don't give up on it.

Even if, I'm
Not by your side"

And in the dream, Kyo once again goes away from Tohru

And then Tohru regains consciousness.

"It's(? I'm?)... alright... now
It's/I'm alright"

(Is she telling this to dream Kyo, or real Kyo?)

And the ambulance then arrives. Akito unthinkingly runs out then. Yuki too, distances himself from that place.

Kyo tells her "It's alright. It's alright already... I understand. It's alright, so be quiet..."
kemonotachi no yoru

So weird...

The modem kit from Telus arrived today, and this is so weird. I'm used to high speed connects at hotels and such when I'm away from home, but usually I don't think much about the slower dial-up speeds at home since most of my 'net usage is going around forums and online shopping. Having high speed now is... a bit weird ang going to take some getting used to. ^^; Worse though, as much as I'd love to start going on a DL binge and such, since I'm on a laptop and have limited HD space... I'm seriously going to have to decide between a new HD or an external. >_< I'd love to get a 100 GB 7200rpm HD but they're a bit pricey. ... About the same price as I paid for my 50MB HD way back when. :P (Yes MB *laughs*)

Anyhow, just felt like mentioning it. :P Now to read what the fangirl said about FB a day after things have stewed in her brain. :P

Ch 122 Comments

I don't think I've entirely taken in this chapter so I'll write up some of what Natsume commented today in her blog. Yesterday when reading FB she was so depressed and disconsolate over the chapter, but today, after thinking about things, she was wondering if maybe she hadn't gotten caught in Takaya-sensei's trap instead. The final scene where Kyo kisses Tohru; Kyo learned all too well how frightening it would be for him to possibly lose Tohru. Afterall, whether the two would be together or not depending entirely on Kyo. In any case, she suspects that the latest events have made Kyo change and move in a good way and that hopefully he'll start to move forward again from here on. *__* (We can always hope. ^^;)

Soushuu commented that saying "ichiou" in Shigure's comment when telling Akki that Kureno was all right was a little harsh and laughed. It's one of those things that's a bit hard to express/translate and I suspect they mean the subtext of the word, I'd typically translated the words as "for what it's worth" or "in any case", basically as a non-committal aside. ^^;

Otherwise, so many of the scenes this chapter were really sweet, dear, important, hints at things with the characters... Little details, but there. *___* (Some of which were written in my quick post to the FGML). Anyhow, like Natsume, I think I need to stew over this chapter a bit before I can form any proper views on the chapter. ^^; The kiss scene though, it does make me wonder. Tohru had been hoping for her thoughts/feelings to reach Kyo and she was hoping they would, Kyo telling her to lie still (lit don't talk), and that it was enough already (reminiscent a bit of Hiro's, Kisa's and Haru's conversation about Rin) and that he understood, the tears forming in Tohru's eyes when Kyo kissed her... It makes me think that Kyo has been forced to face things a little now, that (hopefully) he'll start to move forward rather than remain wallowing in the past, and that his kissing Tohru, tells her that as well. We can always hope. ;_;