January 18th, 2006


Afghan Pattern Hunting

Since the female sibling unit bought those 40(!) balls of Austermann Barkarole for me, I've been trying to find an interesting afghan pattern to work with, but most patterns call for a heavier (worsted weight and up) yarn. So now I'm at a bit of a loss as to what I'm going to do with the yarn. (I don't have sufficient tension control to look at doing any garment work yet. My current WIP, if finished, will be my first knit project). I'm really liking the looks of this pattern although it calls for a light bulky weight yarn. Then there's this other pattern that I found only by going to the web archive. A number of sites linked to this pattern despite the site no longer being live. And to round things out there's a pineapple pattern that I can't make out well enough to tell if I like it or not, an anniversary afghan, and two aran patterns (1, 2) that I've been debating as well. Each of the patterns I've listed though are all heavier yarn weight patterns while I'll be working with DK weight. I'm going to have to try and find some lighter lacier patterns. >_<;;

Tomorrow we'll be hitting Pudding Yarns, a high end yarn shop that the female sibling unit tells me seems to be proud that they carry no 100% acrylic (? synthetic?) yarns. To each their own, but there are some fun yarns that will be 100% acrylic or synthetics. But, the female sibling unit expects that they will carry Truffles, a yarn we picked up when we went to the Boxing Day sale at Knit One, Chat Too. I *really* like that yarn and even though it's been put away, I still remember how it feels to pet. It's a merino/cashmere blend IIRC and it's so *soft*!

As to how close I am to actually *completing* my current project... -_-; I'm about 12-13.5" in length at the moment depending if you go to the tip or trough of the edging. I'm also only in the middle of "ball" #2 ("ball" because we wind them into balls ourselves). IIRC, I get about 12 repeats per ball, and am now ~6 repeats into the current ball. So another half to go and ~4 repeats per day. Each repeat takes me about 1 hr. -_-; Yes I'm very slow. The pattern itself though is quite simple; Feather and Fan. Looking at it today, I'm finally able to see the pattern as it is and it's looking reasonable. Before today, I much preferred the *purl* side of the work compared to the patterned knit side. ^^;

I might look for a nice wool or similar in worsted weight to do the first pattern if I can't manage doing a DK version with the Barkarole. The really bad (good?) thing is that the yarn might get here as early as Friday since Elann ships express post. >_<;; And as to how much of a knitter I'm not, my sister has to tie in new balls of yarn for me since I don't know how to do that yet. I can cast on (sort of), knit, purl, YO, and slip stitches. And I'm very good at accidentally dropping stitches. I think that's about it at the moment. ^^;;

I'm learning... slowly. :P
kemonotachi no yoru

Shopping silliness

Still waiting for scans to become available and I've actually been trying to keep from spoiling myself too much on the chapter this time. ^^; It's going to be a long wait though between this and the next chapter. 3/4 release in vol 7. >_<;; Ouch! But, Takaya-sensei tends to take a long break at this time of year IIRC from the past couple of years. (The rest of what follows is shopping silliness. :P)

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Otherwise, voting on Monday. Is there any point on voting in this riding?? *shudder*