January 14th, 2006


Tonight was quail night...

Yep, we finally cooked up the quail I'd picked up at the oriental food store a month or more ago. Seeing as no one here had any idea how to cook it, I went with basic roasting. The quail itself turned out reasonably well, but I don't think we'll be buying it again. Too much of a pain to eat and it's a bit gamier than we like. The only other time I really remember having quail was when out for lunch at a small restaurant / cafe downtown. All I remember was bones, bones and more bones, and yeah, when eating the things today, we resorted to being utterly barbaric. :P Still, 'twas fun. Everyone agreed, the drumstick was fine, the rest of the bird was too gamy.

Yesterday though... Curse wombat1138. I finally had a moment to roast up some nuts in the oven and make up a certain toffee dessert recipe and... It's good. *___* And I dissolved the remains from the pot in some water sufficient for a nice large cup of tea... Next time, I'll use more water when making toffee'd water/tea. It was a bit too concentrated in my tea and made for quite the sugary high. But ohhhh so good! ^____^ The dessert too turned out well and is threatening everyone's waistlines. :P It's actually a candy that I really like and occasionally bought from Purdy's (English Toffee), but making it myself... ^___^ I can choose which nuts to add, and how much to roast them and... YUM! Thanks so much for the recipe!

Otherwise, the other day, the female sibling unit, despairing of ever finding her favourite gel pen again, went out and bought some new pens. One gel/ballpoint/fountain pen set and a single Waterman(?) ballpoint. I might see about buying her a Waterman gel pen if I can find one for her birthday then. She gave me the Sigma fountain pen so now I have to find some ink cartridges. ^^;; But, getting the fountain pen (I bought her a fountain pen in Japan for her Xmas present but at the last minute changed to the ipod, which incidentally I still have... :P) made me wonder: What is it like using a quill pen?? (Comes from the original fic excerpt I'd written earlier). The feel of the quill on paper, does it catch a lot?, how about blotchiness? I wonder if Jon Williams or similar might have one. I haven't picked up calligraphy supplies in so long... It might be interesting to try actually. :P

And I'm down to about 1/3 of the tin of Florence tea left from Harney & Sons. >_<; This tea has quickly become a favourite this season and I'm not sure what I'm going to do when I run out. I don't think I'd enjoy it as much in the summer time (it's a choco-hazelnut tea). *sigh* I think I'll probably hold off buying a new tin until next fall. There's still all the teas from Specialteas to try. ^^; But yeah. Quiet weekend by the looks of things. Always nice. ^___^

I think I'll go make myself another cup of tea (...Harney's Apple Cinnamon this time; another nice yum) and maybe read/write something. :P I haven't re-read my GH fanfics (the ones in progress) for some time and really should try working on them again. ^^;
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