January 8th, 2006

Frustrated / defiant Tohru

Ooog... Overindulged in cookies... x_x

Ugh. Decided to try out a choco chip cookie recipe since the poor female sibling unit has been wanting choco chip cookies ever since thinking my cranberry cookies were choco chip and being badly shocked to discover otherwise. (<-- Did that make sense??) Anyhow, since I still had a bunch of shortening left over from Christmas baking, I tried Crisco's Ultimate Choco Chip cookies as written on the box with the extra chips vs adding nuts. Bad move. *Way* too many choco chips in the cookie. x_x I really like choco, and while I didn't use my usual Callebaut choco, it shouldn't affect the cookie to this extent. Definitely, if I ever make this recipe again, I'll be following the book recipe (Crisco's Cookie book recipe is slightly different from the Butter Shortening recipe) without the extra chips instead. I also made Crisco's cranberry oatmeal cookies this time. That one seemed to work out much better although I wish I had more orange zest in the dough. Considering the female sibling unit decided to add a bit of her thumb though... I guess that was a good time to stop zesting the orange. ^^;;

Otherwise, I'm feeling decidedly poor today, although pleasantly surprised at the same time. The female sibling unit was rather depressed this morning and told me that the Complete Calvin & Hobbes was no longer available from Chapters and it wasn't available on Amazon Canada either. Apparently she really wanted the collection, so I decided to take a look around at any other alternatives I could think of. Renaud-Bray, the French bookstore I'd tried buying the French Fruits Basket Collector's Box from, had it available at retail price. But since Amazon.ca showed such a lower price for it, I decided to hunt a bit more and discovered Borders and Barnes & Noble in the US. (Hey! I'm Canadian! We don't have either shop up here. :P ) In any case, I discovered B&N had it for a decent price with 24 hr shipping, and so I decided to pick up 2 copies. >_< Shipped express. >_<;; I just hope express shipping to Canada isn't via UPS otherwise I just committed major stupidity and minor financial suicide. (Broker fees for most courier companies is in the $10 range + taxes, but UPS is more like $25 + taxes. It's quite hefty in comparison.) The really nice "pleasant" surprise? I got shipping notice within an hour of putting in the order! :o Can't wait to actually get the thing. ^___^

Hmm... does my baking cookies go against the "lose the weight gained" resolution from new years?? I had to stay on my feet the entire time and bake... mind you the 6+ cookies that somehow ended up being munched didn't help. :P We'll see. I do need to walk these things off though. >_<

Sudoku has we stumped today. NOT happy. It's my first 5* difficulty puzzle and I'm stumped. Yesterday's 4* wasn't too bad but today's... :x I WILL get you. The male parental's been eyeing my puzzle calendar and I get the feeling he's going to steal tomorrow. (It's a 1* puzzle). He has no idea how to do the things, but hey. No biggie. Now to figure today's puzzle... >_<

Anyhow, a bunch of rambling. :P I need more tea to help settle the stomach. x_x;