January 7th, 2006

kemonotachi no yoru

Emma Anime, Ghost Hunt, Stuff

Finally watched the last two DVDs for Emma tonight. The package from CDJapan *finally* arrived today, and apparently FMA movie will be next month. (I keep forgetting...) ^^; Instead it was the last of Emma, Trinity Blood, my staple Meitantei Conan, and Blood+. Shall see how Trinity Blood and Blood+ are tomorrow I guess. Looking at the DVD player, there are still a few more DVDs I haven't watched including the last DVD for Air and Air the movie. Hopefully I'm caught up on the others beyond. Kyo Kara Maoh! should hopefully be shipping soon from Amazon Canada. I *like* this series. It's so silly and light and so unlike most things I watch... ^^; I still need to sit down and read the books. I need a few more clones so I can read everything I want to. I'm still trying to re-read the Ghost Hunt novel series (so I can reacquaint myself with all the characters properly to try writing a fan fic again). That plus there are actual novels I want to read, and I hit Project Gutenberg today... ^^;

A long time ago in a galaxy much too far away, I got to read a small snippet of Edmund Spenser's Faerie Queene in English 10H. (I was in the IB program in HS hence the H after the standard class designation). I never forgot that small excerpt in our English textbook and I finally decided to DL the thing so I'd get to read it. ^___^ English 10H was about the only English class I really enjoyed and it introduced me to such wonders as Beowulf, the Cantebury Tales and Greek Mythology. All my other English classes were so dull with novels, poetry and Shakespeare. :P

I get the feeling Emma was only 12 eps? It's a shame. I really like this series and love the opening theme. I'll have to see if I can't listen to the soundtrack tonight. ^___^ I'm also thinking about re-reading the entire manga series. It's not very long; only 6 manga volumes so far (there are also 2 novels, but I believe they're based on the manga). Apparently it's published in a monthly manga magazine so it's fairly long between volume releases. -_-;;

Which reminds me, Ghost Hunt vol... 9? has finally reappeared on Amazon JPs site for 4-6 week delivery. Does this mean it'll actually be published?? It was supposed to be published back in August, but was suddenly delayed due to the manga-ka being unwell and unable to finish the volume for publication (presumably this would be the author asides, kakioroshi and stuffs). I'll have to see about putting in an order either through Sasuga or with Iwase in Richmond once it's actually released. Can't wait to read it! ^___^

Anyhoo, I should be off. Hard to believe it's about the same time as I'd written yesterday. I'm nowhere near as semi-conscious today. :P