January 1st, 2006

kemonotachi no yoru

Happy New Year! ^___^

Happy New Year everyone! Hope it's a great year for y'all. ^___^

And, I don't think I'm off to a good start on the resolution side. ^^;; But, some things I'd like to do this year...

- procrastinate less (<-- I think I failed this one in oh.... half a second??)
- finish the afghan I started knitting on Boxing Day, and preferably do another more complex patterned afghan. (<-- preferably without killing the pattern, preferably in something like cashmere *__*, but more likely an alpaca. :P )
- reply to comments more >_<;;
- take less time when thinking of replies for the above -_-;;
- finish at least one GH fan fic, preferably two (<-- preferably one in English... -_-; )
- if in country, to try NaNoWriMo :o
- lose whatever weight I put on over the holidays during the course of the year. (<-- should be possible, the trick will be not to starve at the same time)
- to try to at least spend some time in the sun (<-- vampire? me?)
- WRITE TO APRIL!!! T_T see #1
- work on Tsubasa wo... Ch8 and check 7 (<-- ......it's been awhile?)

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And from a whopping 6 pots on the stove yesterday for New Year's cooking, we're down to 1! :o Thankfully I don't do the cooking for New Year's. Too fiddly. :P But, the zenzai turned out well (both recipes) so I'm happy. ^__^
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