December 30th, 2005

kemonotachi no yoru

Ch 121 Summary now up

Reading this chapter was rather interesting. At first, I have to admit, I looked at it pretty askance. Some of the reactions just seemed too "WTF?!", but... reading it over again, there was a certain simplicity, and rightness to starting over. And, while I'm usually totally out when it comes to upcoming predictions, what came to mind (other than a certain really, really silly girly moment), was a scene from when Tohru had first came to the Sohma house.

(Kioku wo keshiteshimattemo) Mata o-tomodachi ni natte kudasai ne
(Even if my memory is erased) Please become my friend again

And, given the starting point she's at once again in this scene, combined with the foreshadowing of the previous chapter's end, made me wonder if Tohru's accident won't provide exactly that new beginning. For Akito, it will be the chance to start over completely with Tohru and to make friends with her; for Yuki, it's a chance to give as much as he's received from her; for Kyo...... a decided slap in the face. She won't be dead, but what had been there will definitely die down a while. And certainly he should realise just how close he'd come to losing her.

While it's always possible, the fall could kill her, I don't see it serving a greater purpose unless, Akito's had enough of a shove to start to think about moving forward on her own.

Being oneself has been a key theme through the earlier part of the story, and returning to it, I wonder should Tohru have lost her memory, despite that, that she would still be much the same. And because of the blank spot, between her and Akito, regardless of how the other 12shi and her friends may flock around her, that she won't fail to notice Akito as well, and bring her into the group in that way.


But, since I'm usually way out to lunch, we'll leave that as bad fan-fic thinking and leave it at that. :P


Oh, and I'd apparently completely misjudged the time of day. It was apparently very *early* in the day, and Yuki had just gotten up. ^^; I'll have to re-read the past few chapters again later. :P

後でお年玉しよっかな~。 :P
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kemonotachi no yoru

Experimenting in the kitchen...

It must be the year for sweets or something because, for some reason, I've decided to try and make zenzai (red bean soup) for New Years... Normally the female sibling unit makes this and I've never done it before although I know the basic idea of how to make it. I guess this is one of those recipes that gets passed around by word of mouth or something since I'm not finding any written record for it as we make it here. Checking on the 'net as well, I found the recipes to be a bit different in cooking, so I decided to try one of those out. I have a regular batch of beans on the overnight soak (how we normally do it), but the 'net recipes didn't call for this step, so that one'll be ready one day earlier. :P

The recipe:
Collapse )

Okay, I just checked on our resting zenzai and it drank all the liquid! >_<;; I'll have to add more water tomorrow and do a final flavour adjustment then. Shall see whether we save this experiment for late night or if the regular batch will be ready for night time. ^^;
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