December 20th, 2005

Frustrated / defiant Tohru

12 Days - Day 7

And day 7 for the Christmas Special is now up. It's an older screensaver, but cute. I'd forgotten I had that on my system, but I'd used the screensaver for a long time on my old computer.

5 more days? Is that right?? Not much time to get everything else pulled together... (assuming I can actually get it all done.) @_@

And in today's culinary disaster zone...
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Otherwise, Adagio surprised me this morning when I got the mail and found they'd sent a calendar. I thought the calendar was supposed to be something that had to be pre-ordered and booked. Since we have a number of anime calendars, I didn't buy the one from Adagio. I think I've been ordering a bit too much from them therefore. :P

Did the "Tales of Lamb.... Iyaa!" last night. It was interesting although my lamb was a bit too close to being alive. :P What a thing to discover while cooking; ...I don't have 'X'. In my case, I didn't have any rosemary for the marinade. >_< Might have to try picking up lamb again sometime. It was really soft. Next culinary adventure will be how to prepare quail. There was a sale on at the oriental market; 6 frozen quail for $7. I couldn't resist so now I have to figure out some way to cook them. >_<;; Should prove interesting...

Please let me finish off what I want to get done... >_
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Twelve Days Day 8...

Aha! I get to write this part before ULing the files! *shock*! Anyhow, I definitely have my work cut out for me for tomorrow and the next day by the looks of things. But... if anyone would like to, you can put in a vote for:

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Beyond that... I was reading vol 17 today and...
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Anyhoo... no time to pause for the next few (although I do plan on baking a cranberry cake tomorrow if I get half a chance). :P Close enough... time to UL. ^_^
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