December 1st, 2005

kemonotachi no yoru

Tea - You'd think I'd get tired of it... :P

A couple of night ago, the female sibling unit was telling me that a couple of the first mug strainers we'd gotten were starting to really show their age (Bodum's tea mug with filter bought maybe 10 months ago now). Since I've been having some issues with the plastic filters having some residual flavour carry-over (especially with strong flavours like chai or the tisanes), I'm finding that I really like the stainless steel filters. The only problem is that the steel filters I ordered from Compleat Cook here doesn't have as fine a mesh as the plastic ones and aren't very deep. So... using good ol' trusty TeaMail (Yahoo ML), I started hunting for messages on the Swiss Gold filters which are supposed to be really good and not have the flavour carry-over like plastics.

Apparently, rather than the Swiss Gold, some people had commented that they prefer a different stainless steel filter because it has a finer mesh so... ^^; I popped over to Specialteas and took a look. I've never ordered from them although I've seen them mentioned on the ML, so I decided to put together a smallish test order plus the filters. :P Should prove interesting. ^^; The sad thing is, I also found a stainless filter over at Harney's, and I'm *really* tempted to try ordering from them since I've heard really good things about them but... They don't list shipping fees to Canada and some shops have horrendous shipping fees... >_< (Although, to be fair, Harney's states that for Canadian orders, they'll contact you with shipping prices and okay the order first before processing). Specialteas however, like Upton, has a flat rate shipping fee which I really like. Upton's is extremely reasonable ($4? $7?) and Specialteas was also very reasonable at $7-8 ($8-9?) per order. Most other places will charge according to weight, which is fine.

Harney's though has intrigued me for quite some time since they have some really nice teas, they have the really good satchets for their teabags (the pyramidal type that allows for better infusion and whole leaf tea). Moreover, they have some interesting blends and *foodstuffs.* *_* Peppermint crunch chocolates and a simple all-in-one scone mix. *drool* Great if you consider we never have dairy in this household unless something is specifically planned for. *sigh* I suspect ordering from them will be another couple of months. >_< A shame that, while Williams Sonoma does carry some of their items, they vastly overprice and only carry satchets and not loose. (Not to mention they don't carry much of what I'm currently interested in trying). :P

Oh well, I'm out of chai (Adagio's Assam Melody + Totalitea's Chai Spice Mix), so it's off to the kitchen to hunt down something curl up-able. Creme Caramel, or maybe I'll try the Melange Aux Chamonix that I picked up a while ago from Upton. I still haven't opened that one. ^^;
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