July 16th, 2005



Ugh! *Someone* got the bright idea yesterday to take care of the things she normally does on Saturday early so she can read a certain book uninterrupted once it arrives. We pre-ordered HP6 and supposedly there's a special Saturday delivery for that book (also happened with book 5) so I'm currently waiting for it. Anyhow, the idea of doing yesterday what's supposed to be done today is fine... except then I decided to completely clean my room on top... the style of cleaning done during before New Year's. >_< I couldn't quite manage it properly, but I did manage to make quite the garbage contribution. o.O There was a bunch of clothes I didn't recognize and still tagged stuff as well... -_-; Needless to say, I'll be sending a lot of stuff off to charity after they get washed. (That's okay, I found a pair of white Levi 531's tucked away in a drawer. When were 531's around?!? Heck, when's the last time I wore jeans that weren't black (other than now)?? In any case, I'm not sure what to do with those. They looked completely unworn since they're not even altered.

The weird thing about all that though is that, while cleaning, I arranged all of my Ono Fuyumi books... or at least the ones I could find. The thing is, I found Tsuki no Kage, Kage no Umi 1 & 2 several days ago to read, had a bit of a problem with finding one but not the other a couple of times, found both and read both on Thursday... and now after cleaning I can only find one. >_< I have no idea where the second volume went. I know that they changed the story a bit for the anime (Twelve Kingdoms) if only to accomodate two new characters, but every now and again, I'm surprised at some of the little stuff, especially in Kaze no Banri Reimei no Sora.

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And since I don't feel like fiddling with HTML, I'm going to scribble Rin's stuff in here... ...oops, it looks like Keyword 4 and the next page's setup is screwed.

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And it looks like a certain book is now at hand, as are munchies and tea... Time to disappear from the face of the earth for several hours. :P