February 18th, 2005

kemonotachi no yoru

Ch 106

Awwww.... that's such a sweet chapter. Actually, if a little bird hadn't said anything about the chapter being available, I probably wouldn't've found out about it for a bit longer. I've been so caught up with those silly %^%Q$&^ sims lately... >_< I've been flipping between original and Sim2 over the past bit but will have to order a set of all the disks for original Sims again if I want to play. Someone's taken off with the disks recently so I can't play it anymore on my computer. Maybe just as well, it means my computer's mine full time again. ... But I was supposed to be talking about Ch 106. ^_^;;

All in all it's a really sweet chapter and Rin finally realises she does have a place to go back to. All her struggles of not being able to find "a place to go back to" aka a home, and she finally realises she's had one all along; with Haru.

Ren makes an appearance once again and that woman... last time we saw her, she was more than a little crazed but that might be more an effect of being near Akito; those two likely set each other off. However we do see a bit of how manipulative she is - and how naive Isuzu is. What has me intrigued however is Akito's maid's comment that without Akito, the 12shi are monsters little different from the cat. How literal is that statement, and just what effect does Akito, simply by existing, have on the 12shi (and v.v.) The older 12shi would know what life was like before and after Akito came as would that old woman to an extent.

I remember when she'd made that comment wayyy back in Hatori/Mayu's chapter and that child started bawling so loudly and how unbecoming that was. She's always struck me as such a traditional person it wasn't funny. She literally reeks of old fashioned. And so her comment about Ren being such a despicable person makes me wonder if Ren wasn't very loose and was something of a family embarrassment in her youth. However, my question would instead be What is all this about "winning"? that they keep talking about!? Just what was it that transpired between Akito and Ren!? Something that keeps getting hinted at and still no information. >_<

However, the secret will soon no doubt well and truly be out; that Kureno's been freed from the curse. Afterall, Shigure knows and likely Rin saw Kureno hug Tohru. So... WHAT IS THE WHOLE "WINNING" THING ABOUT BETWEEN REN AND AKITO!?!?!? >_< That more than anything has much attention in this story right now. Part of me can't help feeling a little for Akito; it seems she's trying desperately to keep something together. The question is what. At the same time, she's such a little bitch giving Rin that sort of choice. Only time will tell just what is driving Akito, what is between her and Ren and what was that "treasure" of Ren's...