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Hakushaku to Yousei Book 4 'summary' <--?! 2 of 2

And the continuation. Had I known I'd need to split this post, I would've posted things a couple of days apart. ^^;

At that time, Raven's on his way back to the manor after having met with the person from the Scarlet Moon. As he hurried along the road on horse back, he thought he saw a person's head among the waves only to realise that it was a seal. As he looked out over the water, he saw many seals among the waves and realised that they were no ordinary seals. Sensing the spirit inside himself becoming irritated, he realised that they were fae spirits. He remembered what Lydia said about selkies, and realised that most likely the fairies power would not come out on land. However, the selkies all suddenly dive into the water creating a massive wave that washes over Raven dragging him into the sea. The selkies attack Raven trying to drown him when a voice tells the selkies to stop and that he was different. Someone then grabs him by the arm from behind pulling him to the surface. However, Raven grabbed the person's wrist before they could get away. Giving up on getting away, Ermine suggests they go to a nearby hill before the rough waves return.

Sitting in a small hollow on the hill, Raven asks what was different about him. Ermine explains that the selkies in the sea are angry because of the way their brethren are being treated at the manor but can't do anything against the person responsible. So they attacked Raven thinking that he was working for Ulysses. Ermine explains that the servants at the manor are selkies trapped in their human form having had their skins stolen from them, and by treating them the way he is, Ulysses is getting the selkies in the sea to do as he wants as well.

Ermine still has Raven's knife in her shoulder and her wound is still bleeding. As Raven watches, her blood changes from red to a clear liquid before falling to the ground as small glass-like particles. She was no longer human which meant she was not his sister and was just an enemy. Raven asks Ermine if Ulysses had had Ermine save him, but she denies it. Since she's been injured, Ulysses has ordered her to remain hidden, but she expects Ulysses will use her to try to hurt Edgar more later on.

Edgar wasn't the type to let his feelings get the better of him, but he would risk himself in order to protect those who he saw as needing to be protected. And for him, Ermine was someone who needed to be protected. Edgar had trusted Ermine so much that, even though she'd betrayed him, he felt responsible for not having been able to prevent her from doing so. And because of that, their enemy saw her as Edgar's weakness. Annoyed, Raven asks Ermine why she went so far as becoming something non-human in order to came back. Ermine admits that she didn't wish it herself, only to take that back; perhaps she'd wished for it deep down. And if possible, she wanted to serve Edgar again.

Raven tells Ermine that Edgar has a fiancee now, but Ermine no longer cares about that. Her original first wish was simply to serve Edgar. By the time she'd betrayed Edgar, she'd forgotten her original wish and did have feelings for Edgar that were stronger than her feelings of allegiance and that Prince took advantage of that. Ermine then asks Raven to kill her such that she can never be brought back. She no longer wishes to be used to hurt Edgar. Raven asks her if she can die since she was already dead. However, Ermine tells him that since she's in human form, she can be killed like one would kill a person and that selkies are very similar to living creatures.

As Raven reaches for Ermine's neck, a voice interrupts him and asks him to forgive her. The old woman tells Raven that she'd had her skin stolen by Ulysses for a long time now and that she'd been ordered to find his sister's soul and turn her into a selkie. To the selkie, Ermine was but a baby, and the old woman was akin to her mother. The woman tells Raven that even more than herself or her master, the one Ermine most wanted to protect was Raven because they were family. Raven removes his knife from Ermine's shoulder but is unable to decide what to do about her. Instead he decides to have Edgar determine her fate.

Raven takes Ermine back to Edgar's room at the manor. Edgar's relieved to see Raven has returned safely, but before he can welcome Raven back, Raven kneels before Edgar and asks him to forgive his sister. Even though she may still be under the prince's brainwashing and try to hurt Edgar, Raven tells Edgar that he would take responsibility for Ermine and keep an eye on her, and that if necessary he was prepared to kill her. Edgar welcomes Ermine back as well as Raven, but Raven realises from Edgar's expression that something was wrong. Edgar then tells him that Lydia had be taken by Ulysses.

Since Oscar turned out to be Ulysses, it was to be expected that the real Oscar was dead. Most likely Ulysses had killed Oscar during the long trip from America to England and assumed his identity then. Given how long the trip was, deaths aboard ship were not uncommon, nor was it uncommon for people to disappear overboard. The Collinses had never met their nephew, so Ulysses had no trouble becoming part of their household. The package Raven brought back from town held a hint as to why the prince originally targetted the Collinses in the first place. In the package was a small copper plate with a sailing vessel and an angel on it.

According to the Scarlet Moon, the Blue Knight earl had constructed a ward against evil at Hastings and the Collinses happened to construct their manor on the same land as the ward; Hastings was apparently one of the keystones to England. They'd only recently learned that the prince had seen to the eradication of anyone from the Blue Knight Earl's bloodline and that the prince seemed to fear the Blue Knight Earl's return.

Edgar and Raven puzzle over the construction of a ward at Hastings by the Blue Knight Earl and what the prince intended to do with it when Ermine tells them that the prince intends to destroy the ward. Raven asks Edgar if he knows where the ward might be and Edgar points to the slope Lydia had fallen down the previous day. When Lydia had fallen down the hill, Edgar had been afraid that Lydia would hit her head on one of the many boulders protruding from the hill. More to the point now, however, was that the boulders in the hill weren't present anywhere else on the land and had most likely been brought from elsewhere.

At the thought of Lydia, Edgar realises that she'd gone through a number of trying experiences this time around. While he didn't think it right to get Lydia caught up in his troubles with the prince, he couldn't help thinking about her usefulness for him in his fight. If the prince hated the Blue Knight Earl's abilities, then Lydia's abilities as a fairy doctor were extremely important to him. With Raven and Ermine, while he tried to limit the dangers they were exposed to, he expected them to cope with the dangers and hardships they faced. And he'd been expecting the same of Lydia. However, in Lydia's case, Edgar just happened to hire her for a job, and she just happened to help him out. If Edgar really wanted to keep Lydia by his side, even going so far as to use their engagement to do so, then Lydia wasn't part of his fighting strength. She was a young lady that he was supposed to do whatever he could to keep safe. Edgar finally realised that an engagement wasn't just a means to keep someone at his side. Parents entrusted their daughters lives and futures to their daughter's betrothed, and by marrying, it meant accepting that responsibility from her parents. For Edgar, that meant he was supposed to protect Lydia's cheerful and generous nature, her extreme caring, as well as that part of her that was just a bit strict. Whatever happened, he was supposed to keep her from danger, but instead he's been exposing her to danger and frightful experiences. Even though he called himself her fiance, he did not give her what was expected of him as her fiance, so it was only natural that she didn't have any faith in him and most likely was currently feeling betrayed by him.

Edgar can't help wondering if Lydia might be thoroughly disgusted with him and decides that he would have to take care of things such that she would be unable to escape from him. Raven asks if getting Lydia back safely shouldn't be first, but Edgar tells him that when it comes to women, one has to make sure to stay at least two steps ahead of them.

Locked up in a basement storage room with only a single candle to keep her company, Lydia pounds at and kicks the door until she hurts her hand. Upset with Edgar, she blames the pain in her hand and her fear of the dark on him. Ulysses had told her that for Edgar, having his people getting caught was a common occurrence but that there were no guarantees he'd be able to get whoever had been caught out safely. So when necessary, Edgar would give up on trying to get his comrades back safely.

Regardless of how much Edgar had hit on Lydia, from his attitude, she couldn't believe he had any romantic interest in her and that he'd only been interested in her ability as a fairy doctor. And even though he might worry about her or try to save her, it didn't necessarily mean that he seriously cared about her. Lydia realised that if Edgar decided to give up on her, she was of no value to Ulysses and that he would kill her.

Hearing a noise from further in the room, Lydia discovers a weak Nico. Nico laments the lack of luster in his coast and tells Lydia that he can't move--he's starving. While looking around the manor, Nico had discovered a room that the fae can't enter. However, he'd been caught by Oscar who'd immediately recognised that Nico was fae and not a cat. Lydia realises that it was highly likely that the room Nico had discovered was where the selkies skins were being kept.

A voice from the other side of the door calls Lydia and tells her to move by the wall and a large wave hits the door breaking it down. Lydia immediately recognises the old woman that had been with Ermine. The woman apologises for having asked for Lydia's help while being unable to do anything to help her. Since Ulysses had stolen their skins, they couldn't disobey him. He'd ordered her to have the dead spirit possess Lydia, but the old woman had managed to at least ensure that Lydia would be free during the day. Even so, Lydia suspected that Ulysses had made an example of one of the selkies when he discovered what had happened. The selkies had risked their lives putting their hope in Lydia that she would be able to find their skins and set them free. Lydia worries that it was clear the selkies had broken down the door, but the woman tells her that Ulysses was planning on killing all of them anyway. She then hands Lydia the pendant she thought she'd lost. The old woman had hidden it before Ulysses could take it. She then explains that Ulysses has a jewel on his ear and that Lydia must be careful because it's a selkie's heart.

Lydia asks Nico where the room he'd discovered was, but Nico tells her he can't move. Annoyed Lydia abandons Nico and the other selkies tell her that they know where the room is and lead her to it. The room on the second floor is covered with pink wallpaper, had frilly curtains, a rocking horse, various dolls and picture books in it. Any way she looked at it, it looked like a child's room. Inside the closet, Lydia finds numerous dresses meant for a child. Lydia looks around the room and wonders where so many seal skins could be hidden when she realises that a selkie's heart was a small gem, so perhaps their skins were something equally unusual.

Just then, Mrs. Collins enters the room with some flowers and asks Teresa what she's doing there. Mrs. Collins tells Lydia that this used to be her room when she was a child, and asks her if she remembers coming here to spend the summers. Mrs. Collins admits that she'd been afraid of opening the door to this room for a long time because, if she saw the empty room, she felt that she'd have no choice but to acknowledge that her daughter was dead. Since Mrs. Collins herself hadn't entered the room since Teresa's death and had only opened it moments earlier in order to put flowers in it, it was extremely probable that Ulysses had hidden the skins there. Mrs. Collins apologises for how dusty the room is, and Lydia realises that only one part of the room is not covered in dust--a small make-up kit on a shelf is very neatly dust-free. Lydia opens the box and discovers what appears to be walnut-sized glass beads inside. Mrs. Collins remembers how Teresa loved that box even though she was only a small child and tells Lydia that if she liked, she should take the box. It was just about right for someone her age.

Mrs. Collins admits that she'd thought she would want to die if she saw the room, but in fact she was feeling rather relieved. She'd felt like she'd been lost in the dark since her child had died, but felt like she could now see a faint light in that darkness. Lydia realises that Mrs. Collins was talking as though she was aware of everything that had been happening around her and that Teresa the ghost wasn't the real Teresa. However, the next instant, Mrs. Collins slips back into her own world. Just then Suzie enters the room having been looking for Mrs. Collins and Lydia suggests that they leave the dusty room and go to the garden when the selkies who'd been watching over her warns her that Ulysses has come.

The door suddenly closes and is locked from the outside. Lydia tells Suzie that Oscar had been behind everything and that he was planning on killing everyone at the manor. Suzie realises that Oscar had only arrived a month earlier and that none of the family had met him before he'd arrived. Suddenly the smell of something burning as well as smoke comes from under the door. Lydia listens at the door and along with the sound of something burning, the door becomes hot to the touch and she realises that someone had started a fire. Lydia moves towards the window when someone suddenly throws a bottle through the glass. The bottle breaks spraying liquid in the room and the room is suddenly engulfed in flames. Lydia tries to get away from the flames but trips over something and the bird cage in the room suddenly falls on top of her hitting her on the head. Stunned, she hears Mrs. Collins scream Suzie's name. Mrs. Collins beats the flames from Suzie's skirt out and drags her to the corner of the room where flames have yet to reach.

Lydia finally manages to get back to her feet and realises that in her fall, she'd dropped the cosmetics box and the selkies skins had been scattered throughout the room. She quickly tries to gather the skins She realises that Ulysses intends to burn the manor down and with it the selkies skins killing all those inside. Spotting a couple of skins on the other side of the fire, Lydia tries to reach them only to have the wind from the window whip up the flames even more. Lydia can only close her eyes against the fire when she feels someone grab hold of her protecting her from the fire and is dragged off somewhere.

Lydia suddenly finds herself in a dark area and realises she's in the passageway used by servants. Edgar pulls her to her feet and starts to pull her down the passageway. Lydia asks him about Mrs. Collins and Suzie and Edgar tells her that Raven should've gotten them out. Lydia tells Edgar that the selkies skins are in the room and that she needs to go back and get them, but Edgar tells her it's impossible. Lydia refuses to give up and Edgar tells her it can't be helped. Upset, and remembering how she'd felt at the thought of Edgar abandoning her, Lydia asks him what he meant by that--that it was a common occurrence, so he would give up trying to save people in that way? Lydia tells Edgar that he should just give up on her and that he didn't need to come save her. She wasn't his. She would do things the way she wanted. Edgar clasps her shoulder firmly, and Lydia wonders if she'd angered him. But Edgar shocks her when he calmly tells her that he'll go. He tells Lydia to get out of the manor before running back down the passageway, and Lydia can only stand there shocked at his actions.

Lydia tries to go back down the hall after Edgar but only manages to get a few steps before the smoke becomes too much for her. Unable to figure out what to do, Lydia's on the verge of falling to her knees when Edgar comes back and grabs her by the arm. Edgar sounds a little angry as he tells Lydia he told her to get out of the manor and hurries her out away from the fire. The two of them come out in the back garden, and Lydia realises that Ulysses had set fire to the manor in a number of places.

Outside, Edgar tells Lydia he was only able to find one more skin and gives it to her. He asks her how many she had, and she admits they only had about half of them. Edgar tells her that they'd managed to save half the selkies, but perhaps she felt he shouldn't say something as simple as that. Lydia realises that it's easy to say something like that and that it was likewise easy to blame him in that way, but Edgar really did go back into the fire. The one that was all talk was herself.

Lydia asks Edgar why he came to save her, and he tells her he'd told her when Ulysses took her that he would save her. Lydia tells her she held no expectations of his coming to save her and that she didn't believe a word that he told her, so why did he go back into the fire when it was so dangerous? Edgar tells her that even though she had no expectation of him, he'd go anywhere for her sake. While he said it easily, Lydia realised that being able to do so took a lot of courage and nerve and was no easy thing to actually do. She'd been badly surprised at what he'd done and very moved by it, and hated that she couldn't bring herself to thank him for what he'd done.

Lydia tells Edgar that it was okay for him to get angry with her because she was saying some very harsh things to him, but Edgar just sighs and smiles sadly. He tells her that he realises that even though she sometimes worried for him and would be on the verge of relying on him, her pulling back was his own fault. He'd done some very insensitive things to her and put her through a number of hard experiences, so it was his own fault that she didn't trust what he said. Edgar admits that he's often told the same thing as what Teresa told him the night before; that even though her weren't serious, that if they could be lovers when they were together that was enough. No doubt they thought that he didn't want serious relationships, but he'd always thought that as long as they both enjoyed themselves, that was fine. He admits that Lydia was the first person to ever tell him not to come near her if he wasn't serious. And that since she was that way, if she were to come to love him, that he too would be able to change.

Lydia tells him it's impossible; the two of them were too different from each other. Edgar realises that but refuses to give up. However, Lydia tells him it's impossible--she's useless. She'd been unable to become Teresa, and Mrs. Collins had realised that she wasn't her dead daughter, and that she had been unable to learn anything from her mother and was just calling herself a fairy doctor. Even though she tried to do things on her own, she was useless. Lydia realises she'd been on the verge of despair when the fire broke out and doubts she'd have been able to save any of the selkie had Edgar not come to save her. She had neither the knowledge nor experience necessary to be a fairy doctor and only had her pride of being one. Unlike her mother, she had no one to support her. Since she had so little ability, she expected Edgar would abandon her, so it made her very happy that he did actually come to save her. But she didn't feel she had the ability to meet his expectations of her.

Lydia realises that even though she'd been brought to that place by some unknown person and a spirit was now possessing her, she'd decided to stay and try to help the selkies because Edgar was there. If she were with him when facing the enemy, she felt that something could be done--she had the courage to do things because she wasn't alone. She hadn't realised she'd been relying on Edgar and so, when she thought she'd been abandoned by him, she suddenly became afraid and fell into despair.

Edgar apologises to Lydia and promises to stay with her. Since meeting her, the road to freedom was opened to him. So he'd really like it if she stayed with him, and hoped that she'd rely on him more as well. While he didn't understand anything about fairies, he could at least support her.

Even though it's still early, Lydia feels very tired and senses that Teresa is about to wake, so she leans against Edgar's shoulder. When Teresa wakes, Edgar tells her that the manor had caught fire.

With the entire manor in flames, Teresa and Edgar end up going to the hill with Edgar carrying the cosmetics box. To Lydia, there seemed to be even more selkies in the sea than before. Lydia's sure that Ulysses' goal hadn't been merely to set fire to the manor and that he was still up to something. If Ulysses was using the knowledge of a fairy doctor for evil, then most likely it wasn't up to Edgar but for Lydia to face him.

Teresa tells Edgar she's scared and asks him how things ended up the way they did. She then asks him why there are gaps in her memory. Edgar and Lydia know that Teresa's soul is only able to stay in Lydia for one week, but that would probably be very difficult for Teresa to accept. Even though she wasn't the real Teresa, she'd accepted Teresa's life and fallen in love with Edgar, so how would she feel having to lose everything all over again. Teresa then asks Edgar who Lydia is. Edgar feigns having no knowledge of what Teresa was talking about. His reaction seemed so natural that Lydia was sure he was very used to being asked such things.

However, Teresa tells Edgar that he'd called her that when she'd been asleep the night before. Edgar suggests she'd been dreaming, but she says he'd looked to be in pain, asked for forgiveness and held her left hand for a very long time. And Teresa felt that it would be wrong for her to say anything to him. Since Lydia didn't remember that happening, she realised she must've fallen asleep at some point.

Teresa tells Edgar that there are times when things don't seem quite right to her. The length of her arms, whether her hands and nails had always been so neat, the colour of her hair, none of it seemed quite right to her. Until then, she'd been trying not to think about those things, but since hearing Lydia's name, she has more and more questions. She asks Edgar if he was so nice to her because the body she was in was so important to him. Teresa had thought that if Edgar stayed by her side and pretended to be her lover that that would be enough, but she realises that even when he was with her, his words and embraces were still not meant for her.

Edgar gives in and tells Teresa that Lydia is his fiancee and that she'd disappeared from London. When he'd come there to get her back, Teresa was inside her. Teresa asks him why he hadn't told her the truth before she'd fallen in love with him. But before Edgar could answer her, another voice interrupts them and tells her that it's because Edgar wanted to keep her from running away and hurting the body she was in.

Ulysses tells Teresa to come over to where he was and tells her he can make her human; he could make the body she was in completely hers. Edgar tells her that if Ulysses were able to do that, he would've done so from the very beginning and that Ulysses was the one who'd killed her and made her a ghost in the first place. But Ulysses tells Edgar that he doubted Teresa cared about that now and offers to keep her in the real world if she did as he said; she was still young after all, undoubtedly wanted to live again, and should've been able to have a lot of fun in life from there on. Her alternative was to disappear from the world without anyone having ever taken notice of her.

Edgar asks her not to go as she would only end up being tricked by Ulysses, but Teresa hesitantly approaches Ulysses and asks him if it were true she didn't have to die. Edgar yells that Ulysses was the one who'd killed her, but Ulysses counters by telling her that Edgar was wanting her death as well so they were equal.

Ulysses tosses a knife at Teresa's feet and tells her to pick it up. He then tells her to get the cosmetics box from Edgar and to bring it to him. Edgar refuses to hand over the box; the selkies had believed in the fairy doctor leaving their lives in Lydia's hands, so he had to protect the box. However, Ulysses tells Teresa to use the knife and try poking herself in the arm with it. She, herself, shouldn't feel much pain, and if she ends up ruining the body she's in, he'd give her a new one. Teresa, curious about whether that were actually true pushes the knife against her arm but Edgar yells at her to please stop. Ulysses laughs at how readily Edgar gave in.

He then orders Teresa to hold the knife to her own throat while she gets the box from Edgar. Teresa's unsure what to do. She loves Edgar but feels betrayed by him and is jealous of Lydia, and while she wants to live, she doesn't know if she can really trust the man who'd killed her in the first place.

Ulysses tells Edgar to put the box on the ground and to back away unless he wanted to see more blood. Lydia has no desire to see any blood spilled but decides that she could deal with a little pain only to get annoyed at Edgar when he immediately puts the box down as he's told, especially considering what he'd already put her through.

Edgar makes no move to step away from the box and suddenly says the name 'Maggie'. Teresa looks at him strangely but Edgar tells her that her name isn't Teresa but Maggie and asks her if it was alright for her to not know the truth. Edgar tells her that she's Maggie the seamstress and shows her the handkerchief she'd embroidered with the initial M on it. Lydia remembers the girl--Maggie Morris--who'd gone to see a man who'd said he was Earl Ashenbert and was found the next morning floating in the River Thames. Edgar tells Maggie that she'd had people important to her as well and asks her to remember them.

Maggie remembers that it was her mother who taught her how to embroider the four-leaf clover that she'd done on the handkerchief and that it was a good-luck charm. Edgar asks her if it were okay for her to forget the people she'd known and loved and live another person's life. He's sure the people she'd known in life would never forget her, and while their grief would never disappear, they could take comfort in the thought she was out there somewhere watching over them. Ulysses tells Teresa not to listen to Edgar and that as Teresa she'd be able to to live the life she'd wanted--she wouldn't have to work and could live as the wife of a nobleman.

Maggie admits that she really liked all the attention she'd received as Teresa and that she'd ignored things even though they didn't seem quite right. But she's glad that Edgar had made it clear to her that the body she was in wasn't hers and that he wasn't in love with her. Even though she lived a normal life, there were still things in her life that had been invaluable to her.

Maggie decides she wants to go home and wonders if she'd be able to fly there. She hugs Edgar and tells him to hold her firmly so that Lydia wouldn't fall; when she leaves Lydia's body, Lydia would undoubtedly shove him away from her. When Maggie leaves her body, Lydia doesn't fall thanks to Edgar holding her, but neither does she have the strength to push him away.

Annoyed, Ulysses pulls out his pistol but Edgar just holds Lydia and tells her everything was all right. Raven attacks Ulysses from the brush kicking the pistol from Ulysses' hand. Ulysses had been trying to avoid the walking weapon but at his mark two men come out from the trees. Ulysses orders them to attack Raven then takes out a bluish bead from his pocket and toys with it. Seeing the selkie skin in Ulysses's hand, Lydia realises that the skins in the box weren't all of the ones that Ulysses had and that the two men were selkies. Lydia yells at Raven that the men are selkies just as water suddenly washes over her sweeping her away.

When she finally opens her eyes again, Lydia finds herself in a hard, dark place. Beneath her feet is a stone floor and right beside her is a massive pillar and she seemed to be inside some sort of building.

Edgar calls out asking if Lydia were there, and she tries moving towards where she thought his voice was coming from only to bump into a wall. Edgar suspects that the selkies had washed them away to their current location and Lydia realises they were defying Ulysses much as the old woman had defied him by giving Lydia her freedom from Teresa during the day. Edgar tells Lydia that if both of them move around, they'd never find one another and has her stay still while he finds his way to her.

Lydia wonders why the selkie brought her to that place, and Edgar tells her that they're probably under the hill and that the Blue Knight Earl had built a ward against evil there--it was a fort to protect London against outside enemies and that Ulysses was there to destroy it on the prince's orders. Lydia remembers all the selkies she'd seen among the waves when Maggie had had control of her body and realises that given how strong their ties were to one another, a great many of them were grieving and angry at the loss of their brethren in the fire. She realises that Ulysses is deliberately causing a large number of selkies to gather in anger and that he planned to use them to destroy the ward.

Lydia tells Edgar that Ulysses has a selkies heart and that it's the gem in his ear. While it's supposed to be a sign of the selkies trust and friendship, Ulysses was using it for evil purposes. While he can't get them to do what he wants like he can to those selkies whose skins he has, the selkies have to respect those who carry a heart. Lydia can't help feeling herself pathetic--she's supposed to be a fairy doctor, but her lack of knowledge was all too apparent when it was needed most. But if Ulysses intended to use the selkies, then their only hope was for Lydia to do something; Edgar could do nothing to stop the selkies. Lydia feels ill as she realises the heavy burden on herself; if she can't do anything about the selkies, everyone on the island--Edgar, Raven, Mrs. Collins, and Suzie--would all be killed when the island was washed away. As she stumbles her hand brushes against something and she realises it's the cosmetics case with the skins in it. While relieved that it was washed there with them, Lydia realises that if she can't get the skins to the selkies, they'd be trapped in human form unable to return to the sea forever.

Lydia realises that, if Ulysses was planning on destroying the place they were in at the moment, most likely he was nearby. Much to Lydia's consternation, Edgar doesn't answer. Lydia starts to worry that something might have happened to Edgar and calls out to him again, but he still doesn't answer. Just as she's about to try walking along the wall however, she senses someone directly in front of her. Edgar's found her. Lydia asks if it's really him so he gives her the secret word--I love you, my fairy. Despite her annoyance at his fooling around, Lydia's on the verge of tears overwhelmed with relief. When asked, Edgar tells her he didn't answer her because he was concentrating on her voice; if he answered, he would lose track of where her voice was coming from. Feeling that words alone weren't enough and overcome with the desire to feel for herself that he really would stay with her, Lydia quickly backs away and asks Edgar not to come near her right then. Confused, Edgar asks what she meant, so she explains that she's not herself--even though Maggie's no longer possessing her, she feels like she would do something shameless. Edgar tells her that it was okay for her to hug him, but Lydia refuses.

Lydia realises that it was rather unbecoming of her to act that way and that anyone would find girls like Maggie who were able to seek comfort when they wanted it were cute. It may be that through such contact that they were able to nurture their love further. If so, considering how Lydia was always rejecting Edgar, it was only natural that he not love her. It made no sense for Lydia to want true love from Edgar if she made no effort to love him as well. It was unlikely that they would come to love one another the way things were between them. But at the same time, Lydia couldn't suddenly change and become like Maggie.

Lydia felt Edgar touch her shoulder and follow her arm before holding her hand. Lydia protests, but Edgar promises that's all he would do. Edgar comments that holding hands like that wasn't all that bad; even though he couldn't see anything he could feel that she was there even more strongly. Even though she couldn't see him, Lydia starts to realise that they might be dangerously close to one another. Edgar holds Lydia's fingers in the palm of his hand as though to warm them, and when he feels them finally relax he laces his fingers with Lydia's and holds her hand firmly.

Edgar tells Lydia that there was nothing inappropriate about relying on one's fiance and that if she allowed him to kiss her, she would quickly come to think of herself as his fiancee. If she felt comfort in holding hands as they were, then it was okay to want to seek even more comfort. Lydia accidentally lets slip that his saying things like that makes her wonder if she weren't in fact shameless. Edgar asks Lydia if that means that she also wants to kiss, but she quickly denies what she'd said.

Lydia had heard the girls in her town talking about the things that had happened between them and their boyfriends when they were alone, but she'd never thought the girls as wanton because they truly did love their partners. However, had they acted that way for fun, she doubted she would have felt the same way about them.

Lydia tells Edgar that she couldn't. Even if she didn't mind right now, she was sure she would regret it later. Edgar starts to tell her he wouldn't let her regret it but stops suddenly. Instead he gives in and suggests that they go back to where he'd been. He'd seen a faint light from where he'd been at first.

Slowly making their way towards the light, Edgar and Lydia find themselves in a candle-lit cavern reminiscent of a catacomb. In the middle were the selkies who'd had their skins stolen by Ulysses. The old woman who'd helped Lydia had been whipped and lay there on the floor. Lydia immediately ran out to the woman much to Edgar's consternation as they didn't know where Ulysses was.

Lydia realises that the selkies are trapped, held in by a rope braided from mistletoe and tries to untie the rope but it's tied too tightly. Edgar cuts the rope for her and Lydia opens the cosmetics box she'd been carrying and tells the selkies to take their skins. However, she soon realises that Ermine wasn't among the selkies there and that there were no more skins to be claimed. The old lady tells Lydia that Ulysses had Ermine's skin on him.

Edgar stands unusually close behind Lydia and suddenly tells her not to turn around, but she unthinkingly turns to look at him when she sees something bloody tied to one of the columns. Edgar tells her that they're most likely Lords Stanley and Clark. Lydia asks Edgar if they're dead, and he admits that they couldn't get much deader when Ulysses suddenly speaks up and tells them that everyone was going to die anyway. Ulysses tells them that the two lords were sacrifices to defile that place. Coming down a set of stone stairs along with Ulysses were the two selkies that were with him earlier as well as Ermine.

Ulysses tells Edgar that if she weren't injured he would've liked to have had Ermine fight Edgar again, but that it didn't seem to be possible. Edgar tells Ulysses to let Ermine go and to fight him directly, but as much as Ulysses would like to do that, he has an important task to carry out and can't just do what he wants. Ulysses stops half-way down the stairs and puts a gun in Ermine's hand and orders her to shoot herself.

Ermine silently starts to point the gun towards herself when she suddenly embraces Ulysses and points the gun at the back of his neck. Ulysses is shocked at the thought that she could defy him. Ermine tells him she'll obey his order and pull the trigger shooting him through the neck in the process of shooting herself. However, before she can pull the trigger, Edgar yells for Raven to stop her.

A shot rings out, and Lydia spots Ermine on the stairs. However, Ulysses was standing blocking Raven's knife with his sabre, so Lydia realises that Ermine was most likely all right as well. The two other selkies with Ulysses move to attack Raven giving Ulysses the chance to try to escape, but Edgar yells at Raven to get the gem from Ulysses' ear. Raven throws his knife cutting through Ulysses' ear and Lydia sees the gem fall. It was the colour of the blue sea. Lydia realises the stone might be an aquamarine and remembers the pendant she was now wearing; her mother had gotten it from her mother and it was passed down from mother to mother through countless generations. And since a long time ago, fairy doctors were common in her mother's family.

Lydia realises that she needed to get the gem, but is too late. She figures she wouldn't have hesitated so much if his ear hadn't been attached to it, but Ulysses got to it faster than she did. Realising how close she was to Ulysses, Lydia tries to pull back, but Ulysses grabs her by the arm and drags her along as he flees further into the underground.

Climbing up some stairs, the two come out on top of the hill near a small fire and Lydia can see the seas are rougher still from the selkies anger. Ulysses laughs at the sight as he looks forward to having the island washed away. Lydia asks him if that's because it's the prince's order and wonders if Ulysses has no pride in being a fairy doctor. However, she changes her mind and says that Ulysses is not a fairy doctor--fairy doctors are friends of the fae and that's why even though they're human, they have powers that are akin to the fae's magic. Lydia says she won't forgive Ulysses what he's done and won't let him get his way. However, Ulysses just laughs at Lydia; her only real ability is to be able to see the fae, so there's little she can do.

Ulysses pulls out three semi-transparent beads from his pocket and as he's about to throw them into the fire, Edgar jumps his from behind. As the two struggle, Edgar tries to get the skins from Ulysses and they end up falling from his hand; one of the skins falls into the fire. Edgar punches Ulysses, and right before a shocked Lydia, he kicks the fire scattering the wood then grabs the skin from the smouldering ashes. Ulysses sneers at Edgar for trying to save the selkies, saying that it wasn't like him to waste his energy doing something meaningless. However, Edgar tells Ulysses that he's the earl of fairy and it was only natural that he protect what his fairy doctor tries to protect.

Ulysses tells Edgar that the Blue Knight Earl no longer exists and that there are no fairy doctors of any worth in England anymore. Then showing his aquamarine to the sea, Ulysses tells the selkies to come. Lydia turns to look at the sea and watches as the waves rise. Telling herself that her mother was with her as was Edgar, who acknowledged her as a fairy doctor, was with her, and even though she may not be a proper fairy doctor, if the aquamarine she had was also a selkie's heart, then right now, she had equal power as Ulysses did. If it were merely an aquamarine, however, it was the end.

And displaying her mother's pendant to the sea, she begs the selkies not to destroy the Blue Knight Earl's fort. And by the heart she carried, she would share their pain. Ulysses is shocked that Lydia has a selkie heart, but the waves don't subside as they aim for the hill. Lydia hears Edgar yell her name but before she can grab his hand, Ulysses grabs her by the hair and they're both caught in the massive wave. Dragged out to sea by the water, Ulysses tries to grab Lydia's pendant from her, but Lydia fights back refusing to let go of it. However, just when she thought she couldn't resist anymore, something hits Ulysses, and Lydia realises that even though she's in the water, she could breathe again--she'd slipped into the fairy realm.

Seals swim around Lydia keeping Ulysses away from her and Lydia realises that they're the selkies whose skins Lydia had protected. Ulysses is angry with the selkies, but they no longer have a reason to obey him. And even though he has a selkie heart and can give them eternal torment, the old woman tells him that Lydia too carries a selkie heart. Likewise, there's a new Blue Knight Earl. And as their friends, they would no doubt share in their pain.

Ulysses tells the selkies that that Blue Knight Earl wasn't the real thing, but Lydia tells them he is the real thing and that the merrow have acknowledged him.

The selkies had thought that they were no more--the Blue Knight Earl as well as the many fairy doctors that they had once been able to trust. Ulysses tells the selkies that Lydia didn't have the power that fairy doctors once did and that even though she carried a selkie heart, she would not be able to help them. The selkies ask Lydia if they could trust the new Blue Knight Earl. Lydia can't help wondering that herself, but asks them that if they had any hopes for them, to please not destroy the Blue Knight Earl's ward. Both she and the earl were on their side and that even though they didn't have the same power as before, she could promise them that much.

The selkies tell Lydia that they need a human friend and since she'd done everything she could to help them, they would put their hope in her. Ulysses tells the selkies they'll regret things before disappearing. Even though Ulysses had the ability to come and go at will from the fairy realms, the selkies had angered him, putting their hope in someone as inexperienced as Lydia and called her friend. The selkies warn Lydia that the Blue Knight Earl's fort had been defiled and may no longer be of any use then tell her to go; her guide was there to take her back.

Lydia gets annoyed at seeing Nico acting so nonchalant, but since the paths in fairy were so complex, she didn't think she could get back to the human realm on her own and decides to forgive him. Nico tells her that he'd been so hungry he really did feel like he would die, and in apology tells Lydia she can rub his tummy when they get back. At first, Lydia's confused by Nico's offer, when she remembers that, as a child, she used to love rubbing her face against his tummy and that after her mother died, Nico often lent her his tummy to cry on.

Even though Lydia no longer considered herself a child, she couldn't help thinking that she might still be a child--she couldn't manage anything on her own. But since there were fairies and people supporting her, she felt that she could keep trying still. As Nico pulls her upwards, she sees a lone selkie approach. The old woman selkie gives her a bluish bead, and Lydia realises that it's Ermine's skin. The old woman tells Lydia that Ermine isn't fully aware of her selkie self yet, but may come to want her skin and to return to the sea one day. Until then, she would leave Ermine in their care. Looking down at the selkies swimming below, Lydia sees a small selkie playing with the cosmetics box that had held the skins and wonders if that was Teresa. While she may no longer have her memories from when she was human, it may be that important memories never disappear and that they were etched deep into one's soul.

Lydia walks along the white beaches in Hastings. Even though only a few days had passed, the heat of summer was over and fewer people were there. Even though the sun was still strong, sunset was getting earlier and the orange colours held a hint of autumn in them. Lydia walks along the beach alone as she considers recent events. The hill on the island had partially collapsed such that no one could enter the Blue Knight Earl's fort anymore. But Edgar figures that since it had been Ulysses aim to destroy it, whether the ward was still working or not, Ulysses had failed in his task. The island and the people on it had all survived. Since Lydia'd had lots of help and support she'd been able to make the most of her chance. And just knowing that, Lydia felt that she might have grown a little as a fairy doctor.

Lydia sees Edgar smiling as he walks towards her and braces herself. She had to be careful of him when he was in a good mood. While she had to be careful of him normally, since his smile could make her lose her guard, Lydia needed to be extra careful.

Edgar tells Lydia she should have told him she was going out for a walk, but she tells him he'd been busy at the time--she'd spotted him making advances towards a noble lady on her way out of the hotel. Lydia increases her pace and Edgar protests at her cold treatment of him. She'd been gone for three days and he'd wandered the beaches day and night worried about her. Since Raven had told her the same thing, most likely it was the truth. However, Nico had told them that he'd bring her back, so there's been no need for Edgar to worry. Even so, Edgar tells her he was able to relax until she'd come back. Relenting, Lydia slows her pace and Edgar takes her parasol from her. By the time Lydia realises that the two of them walking together, while he holds such a feminine parasol, makes them appear to be very much a couple, it's too late. She realises that Edgar wouldn't return the parasol to her, and she gives up on trying to reclaim it.

Lydia asks Edgar if he's got Ermine's skin, and he tells her he does. If Ermine were to lay hands on it she might lose her memories of when she was human and would become a true selkie.

Edgar asks Lydia if she wouldn't take his arm as they walked, but Lydia refuses and tells him if he wanted to do that, he should've asked the woman he'd been with earlier to go for a walk. Edgar tells Lydia that he'd only kissed her lightly as one would one's cousin. Lydia's surprised that he'd kissed the woman and in turn surprises Edgar who'd thought that that was why Lydia had been upset with him.

Edgar asks Lydia to slow down and enjoy the sound of the waves and the light breeze, but Lydia tells him that she was enjoying her walk on her own. Edgar spots Mr. Palmer coming towards them and Lydia stops at the sight of him as well. Palmer tells Edgar that he'd heard back from the newspapers in London and that thanks to Edgar, he'd be earning a bit of money. And once he returned to London, Palmer intended to get himself a proper job.

Palmer tells Lydia that there'd be no more foolish rumours about the earl in the gossip papers. Once it becomes known that there's a lady the earl is in love with, uncouth people using his name to gain a woman's attentions will soon disappear. Lydia suddenly has a bad feeling at Palmer's words and demands an explanation from Edgar. Edgar tells Palmer not to talk so much at which Palmer excuses himself and leaves. Lydia presses Edgar for an explanation about Palmer's comment about it becoming known that the earl was in love with a woman. Edgar tells Lydia that Palmer had been in need of money, so Edgar had told him that he could tell the tabloids about the two of them--the romance between the Earl of Ibrazel and his fairy doctor. It was the stuff poems were made from.

Edgar tells Lydia that since Londoners are so fickle, most likely all the hype will have died down by the time her father returns from Paris. He'd also told Lydia's housekeeper that she was away on business, so they still had time to spend together. Edgar figured it would be best if they not return to London while the rumour was going around. While Lydia had intended to try to get Edgar to annul their engagement, she felt like he was slowly cutting off her avenues of escape.

While the idea of marriage didn't seem real, and she certainly didn't see Edgar as her fiance, she did feel that he had something she didn't and was able to give that something to her. And she was starting to feel that she wanted to get to know the real him a little more. Although that too might be according to his plan.

Lydia tells Edgar that she likes the sea because it reminds her of her mother and walks towards the tide's edge. Edgar remembers how Lydia had refused him saying she was sure she would regret things afterwards. At that time, he'd suddenly lost his confidence and was unable to tell her that he wouldn't let her regret things. He realised words or even kisses wouldn't get Lydia to accept him, and wondered what it would take. Edgar slowly walks towards Lydia twirling the parasol in his hands. Reaching her side, he shows her a light pink seashell. Handing her the seashell, he awkwardly takes her hand almost as though touching her for the first time, and he can't help lamenting that this was the best he could think of.

Lydia can no longer deny that she likes being with Edgar like that and that she didn't dislike holding hands with him, but can't help feeling a little guilty. She wonders if it were okay for her to do something like that while her father was away, and while apologising to her father Lydia can't help feeling that at the same time, her mother was smiling as she watched over her.

Ummm... enjoy...?
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  • Little things

    As above. :P There's now less than 10 days until the start of NaNo! For those who are going for it this year, are you ready? Are you going to try…

  • DVD scans and a few others

    akinarei asked if I could do some high-res scans of the DVD covers for GH, so I ULed those (up to the first part of File 7) to my LJ…

  • Yay!

    Most of the important junk's been transferred over! Wai! ^^; There's still lots to be cleaned up (I transferred pretty much everything including all…