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A very rough few pages?

And someone has posted a few pages in the ML, so along with there; here are some very loose translations for them. Page 9 is actually from the site where the scans are from but wasn't included in the list of scans posted on the ML. Intriguing and some parts can't be read because the scans cut out some of the dialogue. >_< Still looks very interesting...

Anyhow, anyone not wanting any spoilers turn back now! ^_^

Page 1

The day Katsuya died,
Didn't the rest of the world fall apart with him?

"Don't bother returning home with Tohru.
I have no intent on taking you in."

"...You phoned because you wanted to tell me that?

Dad, before...
You'd once said that in this world there are those who are needed

And those who aren't, didn't you.


A lie isn't it."

Page 2

["I sense a great strength behind (with) you.

Ah, it's alright. There's no need to fear.

It appears to be your deceased husband."


Is he here..."

"Yes. It seems he's come to see you."

"Your husband passed away...?"

"Yes... From illness..."]

Page 3

If I



Page 4



"Mom, hurry up, let's go"

"Here it is. Thank heavens~"

"We'll miss the train-?!"

"Ahaha, we'll make it."

Page 5



Page 6

"Even though...
The world may not have any need (for me)

Those who I need... and who need me
I will live

...For their sakes."

"But guardianship was almo~st a problem
Thankfully Totosan gave his support which really helped alot"


"After that, well there was moving and a number of other things
I got over things while I was so busy

Not to mention Tohru was there!"


"Seriously, Tohru's really cute, eh!? The cutest in the world... no in the universe!?"

"...Don't you ever think
You want to see Honda Katsuya again?"

Page 7

I won't forgive (you/that)

"Mother's... going to go in first and wait for you
Make sure to come in

...if not

Worse things (more frightening things) will happen"

Page 8

"I've heard that it's good to talk about scary dreams with others. What sort of dream was it!?"


What sort

... you ask"


"What was it!?"

"It'll be a problem being asked won't it

For Miss Honda"

Shut up! It doesn't matter; I'm awake now"

(Did she show up in my dreams
because I'd thought "what if"

As a warning

Not to get too full of myself

To make no mistake couldn't be

It couldn't be that Tohru too

She doesn't

happen to have feelings for me as well. That sort

Of foolishness.

I too, can't forgive myself for thinking such foolishness
I know I have no right

Even without showing me that sort of dream

I won't try getting any closer than this)

Page 9

(I can't reach my own answers
Without losing my way at least once.)

"Which reminds me, this year's dance is me and Hari"

"Now that you mention it, that's right"

"That's wonderful... Will the two of you be dancing together!?"


Kyo further shuts away his feelings for Tohru.
Just what sort of secret lies between Kyo and Kyoko...

To be continued in HtY Issue 14 (Jun 19)


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