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Hakushaku to Yousei books 1-3 bits of info

So, looking at ep 8, I have to admit, it's very difficult to do anything like I did for ep 7 and part of ep 6 there. Ep 8 simply covers too much territory IMO. >.> How much territory are we missing? Lots...... (The stuff below the cut doesn't include what's been covered in previous posts.)

Quite frankly, I've been not wanting to do this for a simple reason; it's very spoilery and may ruin the story for some folks. But at the same time, it's going to take months/years for all the books to end up in manga/be translated, so..... *shrug*

From book 1, the biggest difference in the story is Ermine. Her character is a very interesting and sad one. She loves Edgar, but he doesn't reciprocate the same love. He loves her as one would family.

Ermine's actually been working for Prince all this time leaking info about Edgar and their movement as well as passing on 'info' to Edgar so that he'd always be under Prince's watch and, to a degree, control. Prince is the person Edgar had been sold to after his family was killed and his home razed to the ground. Prince was grooming Edgar to think and act as Prince in the hopes that he'd be a suitable 'successor' to Prince. Ermine was a girl given to Edgar by Prince.

Ulysses isn't in the first story, and Ermine is caught along with Lydia after the try to escape from the area when Edgar jumps Huskley. She also escapes from Huskley's group after Lydia's taken to lead Huskley to the sword. When Lydia, Edgar, Raven and Ermine are stopped briefly with the line about the Leprechaun, Ermine asks Edgar if he would give up trying to get the sword. Edgar's unwilling to give up the sword and the hope that he'll be able to gain a rank and position strong enough that he'd be able to keep Raven and Ermine as well as himself safe from Prince. It's at this point that Ermine reveals that she's been leaking info to Prince all this time and hoping he'd give up gaining the sword as it would mean she'd be able to stay by his side that much longer. (Since he'd always be on the run from Prince.) However, if he did somehow get the sword, it would also mean exposing her betrayal and having to leave him. Ermine jumps off the cliff trying to take Lydia with her, but Raven manages to catch both of them. Edgar pulls Lydia to safety, but Raven doesn't pull Ermine up. Edgar orders Raven to pull Ermine up, but Ermine begs Raven to let her go and to give her peace and freedom. And Raven does so.

In book 2, Edgar's constantly dressing Lydia up and taking her out places. Lydia's aware that, despite what Edgar says, he's not serious in his advances and constantly rebuffs him. Early on, Lydia is attacked during a sudden fog when she's taking a walk at the park only to be saved by Raven. Because the attack is in the fog, Lydia can't help thinking of stories of the fog man. The attacker, however, had dogs with him, and Lydia ends up throwing a can of fish, that Nico had gained in a barter, in order to keep the dogs at bay. When Raven and Lydia finally get back to Edgar's mansion, Raven returns the (now dented) can of fish to Lydia telling Edgar that it was most likely a weapon. ^^;;

Edgar pays a visit to Lydia's home much to her consternation on Sunday. Edgar talks to her father about a stone known as the Fairy's Egg which is supposed to be an agate. Apparently, there's also a divination game (similar to a ouija board) using a fairy's egg which has become popular, and Edgar was wondering if Lydia would go with him to see what they were like. Apparently the eggs are only sold on Sunday at Cremorne Gardens. On the way to the gardens, Edgar manages to convince Lydia to go see the fireworks at the garden with him as well. While Lydia'd agreed to go out with him because it was work related, she wasn't very willing to spend personal time with him since he insisted on having her accompany him 'for work' so much already. However, she eventually relents to Edgar's wish to try to get to know one another more since they hadn't known one another for very long.

At the gardens, Lydia quickly realises that there's nothing fae about the eggs, but while there, a bogey beast makes the fairy egg Edgar had bought shatter. Edgar and Lydia then proceed to go out on the lake in a boat, and Edgar tells Lydia a story about a young boy who'd been taken as a slave at the same time as he. The boy had had an agate known as the Fairy's Egg, but he'd lost the egg when he gave it to two young girls who he thought were fairies. The girls in turn were supposed to help him escape, but they didn't. Edgar tells Lydia that the boy died, but Edgar wants Lydia to help that boy. He feels that the boy may have been stolen away by the fog man and is lost in the dark unable to move and with no one to help him.

While on the lake Edgar and Lydia run into Rosalie and her uncle--Lord Graham. Rosalie is clearly interested in Edgar and Edgar's not averse to Rosalie's attentions. Lydia decides to leave the two and Edgar has Raven see Lydia home. Edgar's using Lydia as bait in order to draw the attention of the people who'd sold him to prince. Since Lydia's a fairy doctor, he figures that that should be unusual enough to catch Prince's interest. He's hoping that he'll be able to draw out the people who'd been involved in selling him to Prince in order to get revenge.

The next day, Lydia asks Edgar to suggest to Rosalie that she wear a cross made from mountain ash. Edgar quickly realises that not only was Lydia not jealous about Rosalie, she was also assuming Edgar would be seeing Rosalie again. While Lydia and Edgar are discussing last night's bogey beast and Rosalie, Rosalie shows up at Edgar's. Rosalie becomes jealous of Lydia which annoys Lydia who makes it clear that she's not the least interested in someone as shallow as Edgar. However, Rosalie doesn't believe her, and she insults Lydia saying that Lydia hasn't a chance at winning against Rosalie in looks. Things eventually reach a head and Rosalie demands Edgar make things clear. Which does he prefer: orange or caramel? (wrt hair colour). Edgar defers the question saying that he hasn't had a chance to try the caramel yet. ^^;;

Lydia decides she's had enough of that conversation and leaves. After returning to her work room, she watches from her window as Edgar and Rosalie go off together in a carriage somewhere. Lydia's still annoyed with Edgar, and doesn't realise Raven had entered her office. Raven tells her that while he's shallow, Edgar's not *that* shallow. Edgar's superficial only in what he says, and he wouldn't force a woman. However, if the woman were willing... ^^; In any case, Raven tells Lydia Edgar wouldn't kiss her if she didn't allow it, and he makes a bet with Lydia: even if she were to be unguarded in Edgar's presence, Edgar wouldn't kiss her. Lydia accepts the bet telling Raven to decide his price if he wins. However, if she wins, Lydia would punch Edgar in the face. Raven then hands Lydia a stone that he'd found in the drawing room where she'd been talking with Edgar earlier. The stone isn't Lydia's but she recognises it as an agate and asks Raven about the story Edgar had told the day previous about the Fairy's Egg and the two girls and learns that Edgar was the boy in that story. Lydia looks up information about the Fairy's Egg stone in her father's study at home and learns that it was supposed to have some sort of demon sealed inside it.

Upon discovering her stone missing and that Raven had given it to Lydia, Rosalie calls Lydia out wanting her stone back. In the process, she takes Lydia to the warehouse where Edgar had been locked up many years ago and locks her in a small room in there. Lydia tries to break out eventually throwing her body against the door breaking it down. ^^; (She realises it's because the lock area was rotted through.) Lydia then finds Doris who'd been locked in a separate area in the storage warehouse when the bogey beast reappears. The bogey beast reveals that Rosalie isn't his real master, but some greater being is. When the fog man is freed, he'll be able to take revenge on the Blue Knight Earl for having trapped him in the agate so many years ago. Lydia tries to trap the bogey beast in a bottle only to end up trapped herself.

A frantic Prof. Carlton stops by Edgar's mansion hoping that Lydia's there. Edgar then learns that Lydia had gone out in the evening to deliver something someone had forgotten. Since she'd been lightly dressed, the professor's housekeeper expected Lydia to return shortly, but she hasn't been seen since. Nico goes off to find Lydia after hearing that she's gone missing.

Edgar and Raven also go out. As they're leaving, Edgar notices that Raven's holding the dented tin can from earlier. When Edgar asks, Raven tells him that the can insists on being taken to the fairy doctor. Edgar decides to leave that issue aside and Raven puts the can in his jacket pocket.

Edgar sends a note to Rosalie saying he wants to see her. Rosalie goes to a hotel that's well-known among the nobility. There Edgar gives Rosalie a ruby necklace. Pleased with his 'gift', she thanks him only to have Edgar ask her where she's taken Lydia. Insulted, Rosalie claims no knowledge and tries to return the necklace to Edgar only to discover it's not his but her uncle's. Apparently, as the creditor, Edgar had only just taken over the hotel; there were apparently a number of very interesting papers and items he'd discovered in the hotel that apparently were not to be found at Lord Graham's residence including evidence that he'd been dipping into Doris's inheritance. Rosalie continues to refuse to tell Edgar anything and threatens to scream, but Edgar tells her that no one else was currently on that floor and the staff have all been told to ignore if they hear a woman scream. Edgar then tells Raven to open the window and moves to force Rosalie out the window; he tells her it'll look like she got drunk on some wine and fell to her death. Edgar makes it clear that if she's not going to talk, he doesn't care what happens to her. Rosalie, shocked at the complete about face in Edgar from his more playful image to that of the cruel, cold-blooded man before her, finally tells Edgar what she knows. As she sits sobbing on the floor, she suddenly finds herself feeling very sleepy. Edgar tells her that this was normally her uncle's room, and that the wine she'd drunk had already been in the room. Rosalie realises that she's in danger if her uncle were to find her there...... Watching Edgar and Raven leave, she suddenly remembers the young boy she'd abandoned many years earlier.

Nico reaches the warehouse only to find Lydia('s spirit) trapped in a bottle being tormented by the bogey beast. Eventually the beast tires of his games and threatens to throw the bottle into the river when Nico pounces on him. Nico eventually throws the beast into a wall where it disappears; apparently the bogey beast lost consciousness. Lydia explains to Nico everything that had happened since she'd gotten locked up. Some people had come for Doris when they found Lydia's body there as well, and they learned from Doris that Lydia had been locked in there by a jealous Rosalie. Realising that Lydia is Edgar's fairy doctor, the men remember that the Dog Tamer who they'd hired to kidnap her the other day had failed and they'd been looking to finding someone else to hire. They realise that most likely they'll be able to sell Lydia for a very high price since their buyer was interested in people with unusual abilities. However, before they can decide what to do, Edgar and Raven reach the warehouse.

When Edgar and Raven arrive, they discover that they were too late and no one else was there. They also find Doris's handkerchief and realise she'd also been there. Edgar regrets having used Lydia as bait since he's sure Lord Graham will try selling her to Prince now that he knows who and what she is. Raven tells Edgar it's not his fault; it's only natural Lydia would be taken prisoner if people found her locked up in the same place as Doris had been. Lydia, hearing Edgar and Raven's conversation gets angry and demands Edgar explain himself. Since there was no one else in the warehouse, both men are taken aback at hearing Lydia's voice, and a quick search reveals Nico holding a bottle with Lydia inside it. Edgar's not sure what he's seeing and asks Raven if he sees what he thinks he's seeing. Edgar's surprised that Raven doesn't seem to be fazed at the sight, but Raven mentions that he sometimes sees bizarre things like this. ^^;

Edgar and Raven take Lydia and Nico back to Edgar's mansion. Lydia tells Edgar that a part of him is still lost in the fog and that his getting revenge on Lord Graham won't change that. The next morning, Lydia wakes only to find that she's not feeling well and is greatly weakened. Nico quickly realises that they need to get Lydia back to her body soon because people can't live in spirit form for very long. Edgar arranges a meeting with Lord Graham offering to buy Lydia. He tells Lord Graham to name his price, but he'll only pay if he's taken to Lydia immediately, before it's too late. Edgar tells Graham that Lydia has an illness and that most likely she's been sleeping the entire time Graham's had her.

Taking Edgar to Lydia, Graham turns on Edgar having been aware that it was Edgar who'd been manouevering him into a corner for some time financially. Edgar and Raven defeat Graham's people and Nico returns Lydia's soul to her body. Freed, Lydia's struck by the strong desire to run to Edgar and hug him but can't bring herself to do so and instead hugs Nico who becomes annoyed at being treated like a cat. Edgar's a little miffed since it would be the normal thing for her to run to him, but Lydia tells him it was too dangerous to do something like that with him. Edgar comments that her face is red, and wondering she's okay he draws closer to her only to have Lydia lift Nico in front of her and he ends up staring eye to eye with a very disgusted Nico.

Edgar moves to leave the ship when Lydia asks him about Doris and Rosalie. Edgar wants to abandon them to their fate, but Lydia gets angry and insists that wanting to help people is part of everyone and that she hoped that Edgar hadn't saved her just because she's valuable to him as a fairy doctor, but also because he wanted to save her. Because of that hope, Lydia leaves with Nico to find Doris and Rosalie for Edgar's sake. Neither Edgar nor Raven are entirely sure about Lydia's reasoning but eventually they go after her and the other two girls.

Lydia finds Rosalie and the two manage to trap one of Graham's men in a hold. Rosalie refuses to go with Lydia in searching for Doris and refuses to apologise to her cousin for having been mean to her. It was Doris's fault for keeping secrets despite their having promised one another never to keep secrets from each other. Lydia leaves Rosalie in one room telling her that she'll go look for Doris and that Rosalie should remain hidden in that room.

As Lydia continues to search the ship, Edgar grabs her from behind as footsteps approach from another direction. After the footsteps leave, Edgar comments that he wishes she'd been the one to find him eight years ago; he might've been saved had from what had happened to him if it had been her. Lydia tells Edgar that she'll lead him out of that darkness. Even though it was a promise from eight years ago, she'd see that it was fulfilled--for whatever reason, the fairies he'd seen were unable to see that promise through, so she would. Lydia asks Edgar to help her help the two girls and that he neither has to seek revenge nor hate anyone for what happened; Edgar should be able to live without having to rely on hatred. Edgar asks Lydia while she didn't resent Rosalie for what she did let alone him. Lydia tells him that she'd been saved and that Edgar had kept her spirits up while she'd been trapped in the bottle, so she'd never felt alone or afraid despite what had happened. There was no need for her to hate or resent anyone therefore. As Edgar follows Lydia as they continue to search for Doris, he admits that he may seriously be falling for her. Lydia makes him laugh when she tells him flatly that she will absolutely not believe those sorts of lines from him.

Nico finds Rosalie in the room she's hiding in only to find the bogey beast is also there. The bogey beast tells Rosalie that the earl is on the ship undoubtedly to save her, but Rosalie becomes afraid and tells the beast she doesn't want to go anywhere near Edgar. The beast then suggests that Rosalie could use the egg's magic to get even with Edgar when the fog man trapped inside manages to take advantage of Rosalie's weakness. The bogey beast urges Rosalie to leave the room. Nico realises that the girl had originally been rather taken by Edgar only to be badly frightened by him when he'd threatened her and that fear had turned into hate. While he didn't care what happened to Edgar, Nico didn't want Lydia to get caught up in Edgar's problems and sets off to find Lydia.

Raven surprises Lydia badly as she and Edgar continue searching for Doris. Lydia clings to a pillar much to Edgar's chagrin; he can't help commenting that she should be clinging to him in these sorts of situations. Lydia however shoots back that she's instinctively avoiding him. Raven tries giving Lydia the can of fish he'd been carrying, but Lydia's not sure what to do with it; it's not like it's really a weapon regardless of what Raven might think. Edgar, realising that it might be difficult for Lydia to carry takes the can instead. Raven then leads Edgar and Lydia towards where Doris's being held prisoner when Graham's men find them. While Raven holds them off, Edgar and Lydia hurry to get Doris.

Lydia realises that while Edgar had probably had some plan to get her off the ship and to safety, she'd simply been reacting to the situation and ended up putting Edgar and Raven in danger. Even so, she was sure she would've regretted things terribly if she'd abandoned Doris and Rosalie. Edgar confesses that he's done nothing but regret things; so much so that he wonders if his greatest sin mightn't be the fact that he's still alive. If it hadn't been for him, most of his followers would still be alive. Instead, Raven's the only one who survived. Lydia tells him that those people followed him because they wanted to be free, and even though they died, they at least learned that no one could bind their spirit. Edgar admits that he's often felt that way, but that he also wondered if it wasn't just his own ego to think so.

The two find Doris drugged and out cold. Edgar decides to carry her out when Nico comes running. Lydia then remembers that the fog man's after Edgar to get revenge on the Blue Knight Earl. By eating the earl, the fog man should be able to be reborn. Edgar wonders if the fog man could really be reborn by eating him since he's not the real earl. But real or not, Lydia figures that, since his own existence is on the line, the fog man will at least try. Graham's men manage to corner Edgar and the others telling him that they'd managed to lock Raven up in the hold, so he should give up. Edgar however, tells them not to underestimate Raven. Raven lands on a pile of boxes that had been hiding the door to the room Doris had been in. Knocking over the boxes, he quickly pins Lord Graham when Rosalie arrives. Nico yells a warning to Lydia, and Rosalie throws the rock on the ground cracking it slightly.

The released fog man goes after Edgar who orders Raven to stay back. He tries to shove Lydia out of the way, but she instead clings on to him and refuses to leave him on his own. Inside the fog man, Lydia berates herself for being so useless. Edgar asks her why she refused to leave him: if it was strictly out of duty as a fairy doctor or if maybe he could have a bit of hope in what he meant to her. Lydia can't help feeling a touch exasperated with Edgar for always only thinking about that sort of thing. Insides, she realises she didn't want to leave him to face things alone, and so she admits that it's because he'd looked like he was lonely. As the two cling to one another in the freezing fog, Edgar realises that the can in his pocket is warm. He pulls it out and tells Lydia that Raven mentioned it wanted to see her. Lydia realises that if they can open the can the two of them might be saved, but neither of them have a can opener. Edgar asks if they need to open it so much that they would be able to eat the insides, but Lydia tells him all they need is a hole, so he pulls out his pistol and shoots the can. A sylph had been held captive inside the can, but now that it's freed, it surrounds Edgar and Lydia and begins shredding the fog man. Desperate the fog man attacks Graham and his men swallowing them up but eventually succumbs to the sylph.

With the fog man defeated, Lydia clings to Edgar in relief. While she's aware that she's still clinging to him, Lydia doesn't feel the usual danger and need to get away from him even when his hand brushes her cheek. Probably because he was smiling so gently. Lydia instead finds herself caught in Edgar's eyes. Finally starting to realise that perhaps her current situation wasn't very safe, Lydia doesn't fight as Edgar's hand tilts her face upwards towards him. Lydia remembers Raven telling her that Edgar wouldn't do anything only to realise that there's no way that Edgar wouldn't do anything. Just as Edgar kisses her, she realises that Raven had lied... to her...? Edgar kisses her gently on the forehead and admits that he prefers caramel after all; so much so, it'd be such a waste that he can't eat it.

After things had a chance to settle down, Rosalie and Doris pay Lydia a visit. Apparently, they were going to stay out in the country for a while. They invite Lydia to come visit with them, when Edgar shows up. Terrified of Edgar, the two girls beat a hasty retreat much to his dismay.

Edgar tells Lydia he's been considering things since everything had happened; she managed to save him as well as Doris and Rosalie, and in saving those two, Edgar felt like he'd been doubly saved. However, Lydia too had been thinking things over since they escaped, and tells Edgar she thinks she should go back to Scotland and study more. Too much of their being saved had been due to dumb luck. Edgar begs Lydia not to leave him and that he'll try to fix his faults, but his fooling around only annoys Lydia. Lydia tells him that she needs to study, and that there are many more types of fairies in Scotland than there are in London. Edgar then asks her if perhaps she actually wanted to do work.

Edgar calls Tompkins who brings a box full of letters--they're petitions from citizens asking for help about fairies. Edgar admitted they started pouring in as soon as he'd been recognised as the Blue Knight Earl from people living on his lands. Lydia gets annoyed that he'd been hiding them, but Edgar was afraid she'd want to quit if she was buried in work right from the very beginning, but that was still no reason for him to hide them for a number of weeks. Edgar realises that by naming himself the Blue Knight Earl, he would have to deal with fairy issues including possibly having to face fairies who hold grudges against the Blue Knight Earl. Lydia however, is so engrossed in her work that she asks Edgar to come back later and that she's busy right now.

Raven brings tea into Lydia's work room, and Edgar can't help asking him how the bet between Raven and Lydia went. Raven glances at Lydia, but Edgar tells him that she's so caught up in her work and wasn't listening to them. Raven admits that the bet ended in a draw because of Edgar's kissing her on the forehead. Edgar can't help wondering if Raven's upset with him for kissing Lydia on the forehead. Despite everything Raven had done to try to get Lydia to let down her guard, Edgar ended up wasting his chance. Edgar admits to feeling bad for having wasted all of Raven's hard work, but Edgar had felt that it would be wrong to take advantage of the situation that way. Edgar can't help bemoaning the fact that Lydia likely wouldn't give him any of her time for some while now that she had lots of work to do.

Book 3...... There are some differences in the story from the anime, some of which I've mentioned elsewhere.

On the way to visit Prof Carlton, Edgar can't help feeling guilty over how Lydia had been trembling the night before. Edgar had been aware of Paul's presence and wanted to see how he reacted, so he deliberately didn't let go of Lydia. A part of Edgar's aware of how useful Lydia is while another part of him just wants her. A part of him can't help feeling like he doesn't want her to think that he's only using her. Raven asks Edgar how he wants Lydia to think of him, to which Edgar replies that he's so in love with her that he doesn't want to let her go. Raven asks him if it's true, and Edgar admits that he really doesn't want to let Lydia go, but Raven didn't mean that part, he was wondering about the earlier part. Edgar tells him that if that's what it took he'd be as serious about it as he needed to be, but admits that Lydia probably wouldn't accept that level of seriousness. Kelpie suddenly appears in the carriage and tells him that that that sort of 'serious' doesn't exist.

Edgar asks Kelpie why he likes Lydia. Kelpie admits that it's because she's not afraid of him. While Lydia's wary of him because he's a kelpie, she sees him for who he is rather than seeing him as a kelpie. Edgar admits that he feels much the same way: Lydia hadn't been afraid of the things he'd done in the past, but listened to what he had to say, felt for him, and helped him. She also reminded him of the important things to being human and that if she were there, Edgar felt that maybe he could become a bit better a person.

During Edgar's talk with Professor Carlton, the professor tells Edgar that his wife once told him that the moonstone protects the bond of love and that she insisted on having that stone on her wedding ring. When Edgar comments that he would like to someday give the lady he loves a moonstone ring, Prof. Carlton becomes very uneasy and tells Edgar that he's still very young. Edgar can't help being amused by Prof Carlton's reactions to comments about Edgar's possibly being interested in someone or that someone might win his daughter's heart. The two talk about the Blue Knight Earl and how he'd given Gwendolyn the ring and exchanging vows with her thus formalising their marriage.

Before he leaves, Edgar asks the professor if it didn't take courage to love someone like a fairy doctor who can see things most people can't. Prof. Carlton tells hims that even without courage, when the time came, people would set off on the most difficult of paths as though it were only natural. He also tells Edgar that he's prepared that some day, Lydia would find someone more important to her than he, but that for Lydia, it would have to be such a natural choice that she wouldn't even think twice about it. Edgar can't help feeling that he's being told that it was pointless to try courting Lydia unless he were truly serious.

This seems to be getting quite long, so I'll continue with books 4-6 in (a) subsequent post(s). ^^;
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  • Little things

    As above. :P There's now less than 10 days until the start of NaNo! For those who are going for it this year, are you ready? Are you going to try…

  • DVD scans and a few others

    akinarei asked if I could do some high-res scans of the DVD covers for GH, so I ULed those (up to the first part of File 7) to my LJ…

  • Yay!

    Most of the important junk's been transferred over! Wai! ^^; There's still lots to be cleaned up (I transferred pretty much everything including all…