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More stuff from Ch 93...

Probably there'll be some cross-over with what was posted in the FruityGroup ML but, here's what I can gather happens in Ch 93 from the various commentary sites that I usually hit out there. Whether it's in fact an accurate account of the chapter is anyone's guess until I can actually read it; but this is what I think happened. ^_^



It appears that the chapter starts off with Kyoko in a deep depression often sleeping or watching TV. Her parents tell her she's not welcome to come home with child in tow. (Actually they tell her don't come home...) Kyoko's so lost that she can't think beyond herself and seems to completely forget about Tohru's existance.

During this time, Kyoko wants to see Katsuya again and wonders where she could go to meet him again. If she died; would she be able to see him again? At that thought, she rushes out and wanders the streets and thinks of drowning herself. However, just before she jumps, a young mother and daughter goes by and the daughter says "Mom" to which Kyoko finally responds. She finally remembers about Tohru and realises she can't remember the last time she'd talked to her or anything.

Totosan (Katsuya's father) had come over numerous times and likely taken care of Tohru while Kyoko was lost in her own grief. And when Kyoko gets back home from her own struggles to overcome her grief, she finds Tohru waiting for her asleep in the doorway. Tohru wakes up and smiles at her and says "welcome home" to which Kyoko cries and says she's home and apologizes to Tohru for keeping her waiting so long. And she thanks Tohru for being so patient and waiting for her. Kyoko finally reaches the answer she'd had about for whom/why she was alive after Katsuya died; and that answer was Tohru. (Kyoko figures that she's "stupid" and has to get lost and doing a lot of floundering about before reaching her answers to her problems.)

Kyoko realises that even though Katsuya was gone, the world keeps going on, but more importantly, that Katsuya had left a lot behind too. His gentleness, feelings, words; countless things and that that would continue living in her and in Tohru.

After this, we switch to Kyoko talking to a young Kyo. And by this time, Kyoko was completely taken with Tohru having made her the center of her life. To her, Tohru was #1, not in the entire world, but the entire universe.

Kyo asks Kyoko if she ever still wishes to go see Honda Katsuya to which Kyoko simply replies "I wonder how much you guys'll lose your way and spend time reaching your own answers.

Kyo figures that even though at that time Kyoko was very kind to him, now she bears him ill will (has a grudge against him).

"Yurusanaikara" (I won't forgive you/that). This is what Kyoko then says to Kyo in his dream. It seems that Kyo has something of a nightmare where he's looking down at Kyoko lying in a pool of blood - most likely when she had her accident. It seems that in his nightmare, he also dreams of his mother and she tells him that even though he hasn't done anything wrong, he can't go outside. That he should go inside with his mother and always stay inside with her. At this point a bloody Kyoko appears beside him and says that. After which his mother continues: "... if not worse things will happen" and where Kyoko had been laying, Tohru now lies with blood at the corner of her mouth and Kyo's hand is soaked with blood.

Kyo then wakes from his nightmare and goes looking for Tohru to reassure himself that she's okay. Apparently, lunch was to be hamburger and so they were making hamburgers in the shape of the 12shi + Tohru (onigiri?) + cat.


There are minor bits and pieces and there might be some bits which are more commentary from others but this is what the chapter seems to essentially be about. All in all a very curious chapter. I really want to see that nightmare sequence! >_

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