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Hakushaku to Yousei ep 7 :P

Hrmmm... finished watching Hakushaku to Yousei 7, and I have to admit that I prefer the CD drama version for this story. IMO, the pacing was just that much better in that version. The one thing that the anime has over the CD drama is the visuals (I still love the skirt scene in ep 5! ^o^ ), but both versions have their humorous points. :P I'm glad they kept in the end comment by Edgar about Paul in the anime though. ^^;;

From what I can tell by the next title, we're jumping ahead to book 7?? I hope I'm missing something earlier, but at the same time it does make sense. I wonder how they're going to bury all the detail from the middling books? We've already missed out on certain chara development points from book 2 as is. >.<;;

In any case, there are some minor differences/missing bits between the book and the anime...

scene between Kelpie and Lydia at the beginning:
"What am I supposed to do with this blood?"

"Have him drink it."

"......Eh, you mean from my mouth to his?! I can't do that...... Ah, honestly, you should just give it to him directly!"

"I don't want to put my finger in his mouth."

So, you mean whatever happens to me doesn't matter?!

Even though you're trying to make me your bride, you'd have me kiss another man......?

Kelpie's feelings are probably different about that than are a human's.

Lydia kisses Edgar:
Umm, what should I do?

He said anywhere would be fine, but for her to touch a man with her lips... it was something utterly unthinkable in Lydia's life until now.

Just that much made her very tense. The only good thing was that at least Edgar was unconscious.

Some place close to where blood flows?

The heart? That would be absolutely impossible. She'd have to take his clothes off.

Just thinking that made her feel so embarrassed she wanted to run away.

Conscious of her own pulse, she thought things over again realising that blood runs all throughout the body.

That's it! The hand.

Lydia firmed her resolve and took his hand.

And then pressed her lips to his wrist where his pulse could faintly be felt.

Edgar tells Lydia it wouldn't matter if she were to mistake the distance they should keep in their relationship:
"Lydia, I won't mind."


"If you were to become serious or give your heart completely to me, or if you were to push your attentions on me, I won't mind. ......You said you don't want to mistake the distance we should maintain, but even if you were to increasingly mistake that distance and come within reach, or even suddenly to suddenly jump into my arms, ......I won't mind."

No doubt, for most people, having someone who's considered as eccentric as Lydia become attracted to them would only cause them trouble. She'd always thought that. Lydia'd always thought that Edgar was only enjoying the game of chasing after Lydia as she rejected him, and that her seriously coming to like him would be a problem for him.

And yet he says that it wouldn't.

"So won't you try to come to love me?"

Lydia became uncertain; it felt like a part of her deep in her heart was gently being touched.

But. She somehow managed to control her wavering resolve.

Seriously, he's always like this when he's well.

It was as though sweet-talking was almost instinctive for him. So it was foolish to always react to everything he said. But she told herself that because she knew that even if she were to have a change of heart, it was meaningless now.

".......I'll consider it."

"You're not going to say 'no' from the very start. That feels nice for a change."

"But you're life was just saved."

"So, you're being gentle on the sickly."

"You should rest. ......I'll see you tomorrow."

Non-existent snippet:
"Tompkins, who's the great doctor that saved my life? It probably wasn't that bald-headed doctor."

"It was the fairy doctor."

So it wasn't a dream after all.

Edgar gently touched his wrist as he thought of Lydia. She had a mysterious ability, and for him she was his lucky fairy. No doubt it would be very hard to give her up for anything.

Lydia quitting her job:
"Quitting? Lydia is?"

"Yes. I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but Lydia can no longer come here, and she would like to be dismissed from her job."

Carlton seemed to be extremely depressed as he spoke in a business-like manner.

"For what reason? Isn't this rather sudden?"

"......I'm not sure of the reason myself...... What I do know, is that Lydia chose the other side."

The other side? Edgar cocked his in confusion. Carlton smiled sadly.

"My lord earl, I spoke to you the other day about accepting Lydia's instinctive decision. I didn't expect it, but the day for it was yesterday."

"I don't understand."

Edgar motioned for Carlton to take a seat, but when he didn't move, Edgar edged closer to him.

"Lydia, like her mother, didn't blend in well with the world of people. So she didn't feel particularly attached to this world. Most likely, those who have the ability to come and go between the fairy world and that of man can do so because they don't have any roots tying them to this world. But without attachments to this world, it makes it that much more difficult to live here if there isn't some strong desire to do so. I'm sure you understand, but in this world there are winners and losers. For someone as carefree as my daughter Lydia, who doesn't know to be suspicious of others, the other side is a much kinder world for her with its unchanging monotony......"

"Do you mean she's chosen to live in the fairy world? Because she's become disgusted with this world?"

Edgar had almost died. Could it be that Lydia'd been hurt upon realising Paul's plot, by someone she'd felt friendship? Could it be that she'd given up on the world of people and it's constant fighting?

"But Professor Carlton, you were able to keep your wife in this world, right? So you should have been able to keep Lydia here as well."

"I'm not the one who could do that. Nor was it you, my lord. Most likely, it was a fairy that was able to spur Lydia's decision."

The fairy that wanted Lydia. Could it be that black horse?

"Is there any way to get her back...... or even see her and talk to her?"

"There's nothing we can do. We can only accept what has happened."

Back at Edgar's mansion:
Almost as though remembering about the ring, Edgar looked closely at Lydia's hand. "You're not wearing the ring?"

"......It doesn't fit."

Not to mention it would be strange to constantly be wearing it.

"You should just get it re-sized."

"It's okay, in any case, as long as I have it, those fairies won't meddle, right?"

Edgar propped his head on his hand and looked at Lydia; for some reason he seemed dissatisfied.

Lydia suddenly felt uncomfortable. She unthinkingly come barrelling in wanting to get things straight about his joining that secret association, but there was no point in it.

She had no idea why she'd come.

"Well, I'll be going."

But as she was about to leave he called out stopping her.

"I was thinking about visiting sometime around the weekend and was wondering if the professor would be home."

"Eh...... why?"

"It's only polite to get permission to marry."


"Wh-what are you talking about? That promise was just to get through things then, right?"

Edgar cocked his head deliberately to one side.

"I believe you accepted my proposal and the engagement ring."

"Like I said, that's because you'd said it was only for then! You said that promises between people could be nullified at any time!"

"I don't remember saying anything like that."

"Y-you're taking back *that* part?!"

Lydia was so angry she felt her head spin.

"So, about this weekend..."

He calmly continued with the current discussion.

"No, don't! Don't come to my home!"

"But that's not right."

"Please, don't say anything to Father!"

Lydia felt panicky. If her father heard talk about marriage from Edgar, he'd probably end up sick in bed.

Her father was completely overjoyed when Lydia came back after she'd supposedly gone to live in the world of fairy. He'd been drunk at the time and most likely had been in the process of drowning his feelings. Despite being of a mature age and being a professor at university, he'd cried begging her to never get married. And she too had told him she wasn't going anywhere.

"It's not right to seek one another's companionship in secret."

"We're not!"

"You know Lydia, some people can tell when people have an intimate relationship. And when the two people are from different social classes, it can easily cause some wild speculation. So we should make things public before any rumours arise, otherwise people will think that I'm just dallying with you."

"All we have to do is not become intimate, right?!"

"While any rumours would have no effect on me, they could affect your good name, right?"

He simply wasn't listening to Lydia's rebuttals.

Certainly, there would be no advantage for Lydia if they were to seek a relationship in secret. For a daughter of a good home, it would be impossible for any such association to occur that wasn't done with marriage in mind.

But if it were to be made public, that itself would necessitate that they marry.

"More to the point, your mistaken on the primary point. You do know, that when it comes to marriage, I have no int......"

Edgar quickly stood and covered Lydia's mouth with his hand.

"Saying that out loud would be bad."

Lydia followed Edgar's quick glance outside. A black horse was napping beside the fountain.

What was Kelpie doing here?!

"Apparently, he intends to wait here in London until you change mind."

Which meant her continued inability to declare the annulment of their engagement out loud... was what he was after?

"Y-you too, aren't likely to seriously be thinking about marriage!"

Edgar grinned at Lydia as he lifted slipped his fingers beneath her chin raising her face towards him.

"Are you still saying that? In that case, I'll have to try even harder than I have been to get you to realise how serious I am."

He was declaring a war of seduction?!

Apparently, in order to gain the 'Scarlet Moon', Edgar, as the Blue Knight Earl, showed them his own connections to the fairy world. And in order for him, as said Blue Knight Earl, to continue having ties with the fairy world, he needed Lydia with him.

He really was a complete scoundrel.

He intended to use whatever means necessary in order to keep Lydia by his side.

"I still have work......"

Lydia, whose mind was completely focussed on escaping for the moment, naturally had no means to turn down his dinner invitation and ended up being drowning in his sweet-talk that night.

Hopefully that makes... some sense...? Maybe? ^^;

......I think I need to go back and fill in the gaps for eps 5 and 6 for this to make any real sense! ^^;;
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