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S*** talk about close!

I'll say this much: Damn you f***ing Windows!

Thanks to your incredibly *stupid* tendency to reboot automatically after installing updates, I *almost* lost last night's changes to my NaNo. *Fortunately*, OO was able to recover my docs which apparently I hadn't saved before walking away from the computer for a bit. (I went down and watched Hakushaku to Yousei 6 on Mokkun.)

If that doc couldn't be recovered I'd've had to re-piece yesterday's work back together from three separate pieces (thankfully the rough stuff was all saved) and work on reconstructing all the intervening prose, dialogue and fiddly bits. >.> Fortunately, I've been saved that (and can concentrate on forging ahead again instead).

Gah! Not something I like seeing when coming back to the 'puter after a break. >.>

And I'll take this wonderful chance to remind folks to back-up, back-up, and back-up your files! >.<;;
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