Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Finally! Caught up!

Yay! 18 548 means I'm now once again (albeit barely) on track for NaNo! ^o^ *splat* Unfortunately, I don't have time to savour this and die, but must keep on forging ahead. >.> I have so much to fill in and expand on still, and yet things have barely even begun in the story! I never realised that not only did I never really think of any chara names (beyond 'Kana') I didn't think about what sort of anything would actually get Naru to agree to this case in the first place?!? (What I did work out was the background detail. Not the current troubles!) Whoops! Currently working on fixing that. ^^;

Current words/pg suggests I should break 50k at ~156 pgs which means... just under 100 to go. >.<;; Oh well. The main thing is I'm caught up again! ^o^ Now to finish this thing. *determined*

[ETA: Today's the 12th. You should have reached 20k by the end of today! Good luck everyone!]
Tags: nano 2008

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