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......Well, the 5AM novel *better* not bug me this morning. :P

I think it's sad that I feel like I get more accomplished with my time when translating this thing that I do when writing NaNo. *sigh*

That Man, Is He a Rogue or a Gentleman
pg 44-51

"......I feel like I received a lifetime's worth of compliments," Lydia murmured as she got some air out on deck.

The sea was dark with nothing to be seen. The steam from the ship's engines rose covering the moon in a haze.

"Sheesh, those servants, they gave me milk in a dish for my meal. As if I could drink milk from a dish. I'm not a cat, after all!" Nico said from a deck chair with an air of assumed arrogance. But any way you looked at him, he looked like a grey cat. Nico sipped his scotch. He had some fried fish to go with his drink.

"Hey, Lydia, tell them to serve pancakes, bacon, and hot milk tea with all the proper utensils for tomorrow's breakfast."

"Tell them yourself. You can talk, after all."

Nico harrumphed.

"Even if I said anything, most humans pretend like they didn't hear me."

Well, most likely they don't want to admit that a cat talked to them.

"By the way, what's that guy want?"

"I don't know yet. But he says he's a descendant of the Blue Knight Earl. I wonder if it has something to do with that."

"The Blue Knight...... you mean the legendary lord who has territory in Faeries lands? In which case the lord earl might be wanting your help as a fairy doctor."

In other words, he probably knows that Lydia calls herself a fairy doctor.

But, with her head starting to clear from the wine she'd had earlier, Lydia couldn't see him as being either a lord of the fairy people or one who understood them either. He seemed to be more the down-to-earth conniving type.

"But I get the feeling you shouldn't get involved. After all, Huskley and the earl seemed to be enemies. Both of them were acting like quite the lady's man, but there nothing to them."

"I think Edgar's handsome."

"Thank you."

The voice from behind was from he himself.

Lydia blushed. While she'd said it without much thought, she never expected to be overheard by him.

"No, um... it's... I was just saying what most people think! So, it has nothing to do with whether I like you or not!"

"True. After all, I sort of forced you on board this ship, so I don't expect you to open your heart to me easily. By the way, who were you speaking with?"

"Eh, ......that's..."

She glanced at Nico, but he'd quickly curled up like a cat.

"Is it strange? Talking to my cat."

Lydia decided to act defiantly.

"Why? I think it's wonderful to be able to connect with animals."

There's no way he thinks that. Despite thinking that, she couldn't catch even a hint of teasing in Edgar's expression. But he apparently noticed the scotch glass by Nico's chair.

"Were you drinking again? Was it that draining?"

She'd left saying she wanted to get some air and clear her head, so drinking again would make her seem like quite the drunkard.

Embarrassed and annoyed by Nico's feigned innocence, Lydia got annoyed. "I-it wasn't me! Nico's the one who was drinking. This guy's quite the drinker, has no manners, and has quite the attitude. But for all that, he's really particular about his tie and his coat's sheen. He says he can't drink milk from a dish, and wants pancakes, and bacon, and milk tea for breakfast... he's always asking for the impossible!"

Even Edgar couldn't help looking at Lydia strangely.

I see, even in the eyes of someone who claims to be the descendant of the Blue Knight Earl I'm just a freak. She couldn't help sighing when she realised that.

"It's okay to laugh. I don't know what you wanted me to do for you, but as you see, there's something wrong with me. Let me off at the next port......"

Lydia suddenly found herself at a loss of words when he suddenly stepped closer. His ash-mauve eyes gazed down gently at her. Even with only the light from the lantern, she could clearly see his blond lashes; he was that close.


"They say fairy doctors can see things normal people can't, and that they hear voices people can't hear. I see. Those light green eyes of yours look like they could see through the mysteries of this world."

It seemed he did know Lydia was a fairy doctor, after all.

"You exaggerate. It's not so big a deal as that."

"No, when the light goes through, your irises shine like golden flowers. It makes you even more mysterious."

Because she'd always been treated like a witch because of her eyes, being complimented on them by someone made Lydia feel flustered.

"......For starters, are you really the Lord Blue Knight's descendant? If so, I wonder if you can see fairies, too? Otherwise, you won't be able to go to your own lands."

"I am. But the ability my ancestors had of going between worlds, and speaking to fairies has been lost over the generations. The only thing I've inherited is the rank. My father and grandfather, and their fathers, have lived abroad while travelling this world. I've finally come back to England, but before I can present myself to her majesty the queen, I need the noble sword given by King Edward the First to the Blue Knight Earl to prove my claim." Edgar stepped closer still to Lydia as he spoke, causing Lydia to retreat in response.

"N-noble sword?"

"Around three hundred years ago, the earl of the time--Julius Ashenbert--hid the sword somewhere on his lands, before heading off on a long journey and ended up dying in foreign lands. The hiding place is written in a piece of prose, and says it's protected by fairies, and has an order dealing with various fairies...... Having already lost such mysterious powers, it's beyond my ability to comprehend.

"By lands, do you mean fairy lands?"

"I have lands and manors in the real world too. They were bestowed along with the rank for the great deeds performed
and have now been passed down to me.

"And that's why you want a fairy doctor......"

"But that's not the only problem. There are those who are after the great star sapphire that adorns the sword."

"And that's that Mr. Huskley?"

"Right. He was trying to kidnap you. He doesn't realise that the sword is proof of the earl's rank, but since he's after the same treasure, he wants to kill me. If I die, the earl's bloodline will die out. So I need to find it before it can taken from me and make my rank clear. Lydia, please help me."

Lydia was forced to retreat another step when she sensed a step by her foot and suddenly lost her balance. As she felt herself start to fall, she realised it was the stairwell.

Edgar quickly reached out and wrapped his arm around her supporting her firmly before pulling her to him. Lydia instinctively clung on to him.

"Be careful. It's dark," he murmured softly.

Lydia had never been held so closely by a man before other than her father.

"L-let go of me."

"If I do, you'll fall."

It seemed like he was taking pleasure in the fact that Lydia had no choice but to cling to him.

"......Stop it already!"

With Lydia still in his arms, he swung her around lightly, as though in a dance.

Drawing her back away from the stairs, he reluctantly let go of her. Lydia glared at him, but he just smiled at her undaunted.

No doubt, he doesn't think there's a girl out there with whom things won't go the way he wants.

For some reason that annoyed her.

"I don't believe you're the successor to the Blue Knight Earl. I can't help a fraud in stealing the Lord Blue Knight's noble sword. So..."

"You refuse? And you'll swim home from here, then?"

"Are you saying you're going to throw me into the sea?"

Afraid, Lydia hurriedly moved away from him and the railing.

"Not at all. I'm not so evil a person. However, I will warn you, it'll be difficult for you to get home or get to London from the next port seeing how you're penniless. Also, right now, Huskley and the others are searching frantically for you."

In other words, Lydia has no other choice.

There was no doubt, he was threatening her. Lydia couldn't help feeling he quite decidedly was a terrible villain.

He took a key from the inner pocket of his jacket.

"Your room. It's on the same floor as mine, on the other side. It's yours to use as you see fit."

He pressed the key into her hand before disappearing into the dim corridor.

Some nice, light nothing to clear the brain. Hopefully it'll be cleared enough to reach 18.5k by the end of tonight. >.<;;

Oh, and this is the last scene of the first part. Hopefully it makes sense. *laughs*

Total translation word count: 8 829 :P
Tags: hakushaku, hakushaku 1 translation

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