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Shadow's going bald...?

......I think it's the frustration I'm going through with NaNo. ^^;; I seriously need to take a break and do something light and fun and *mindless*. >.>

I'm still a little behind on NaNo at 15,650 (should've reached 16,667 by midnight), but am hoping to get fully caught up tomorrow. After that, I won't be allowed to fall behind, and will try to continue with my current pace and get ahead instead. So far, while I seriously need to rewrite sections, the story is going reasonably well. I've written up 1 out of 4 pages of outline, and haven't even *begun* the real investigation yet. ^^; What gets me though, is that I'm *50 pages* (single spaced) into this story already! Fifty! Why must Japanese give such a low word count? Why am I so slow in writing in this language?? Why on earth was I ever stupid enough to do *NaNo* in this language?!? Writing is one thing, but with the combination of low word-yielding language and time limit, it's proving to be quite the task! >.<;

As it is, I foolishly decided to check my word count in Google Docs. I mentioned how Word blows things up for J, but Google Docs does the opposite! *laughs* It was quite the shocker. At the start of the evening I had

Google Docs: 840 words (ouch!)
OO: 13 143
Word: 26 300 (I wish!)

Ah well, I figure I have another 115 pages to go to finish this thing. *laughs* That's ~as many pages as IW! *cries*
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