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And this morning too, more of my NaNo came to me at the ungodly hour of 5AM. ......Actually, it might've been closer to 5:30AM, but that doesn't particularly impress me either. *sigh* This time, however, I decided against waiting for the laptop to boot (I miss Haku for his quick boot times >.<;;) and decided to grab one of my notebooks and pen instead. Good thing to do? Maybe?? Certainly it's faster for me to scribble things that way compared to typing but...... my scribbled handwriting is hard enough for me to read at the best of times, but when I'm scribbling in romaji, it's nigh impossible to decipher! >.<;;

Looking back to last year, I see that I didn't actually break the 6k mark until Nov 11, so I'm a *touch* further ahead compared to then. I say "a touch" because writing in J is much slower and requires greater care compared to English; something about typing things in (correctly!) phonetically and then choosing the correct kanji really slows things down. For some reason, I tend to get a lot of gibberish thanks to misspellings and typos... >.>

Ah well. I still have ~3 pages to type in before continuing with today's writing. Apparently, I have flow issues when writing in Japanese, which become apparently when I go to type things in. I didn't think straight typing in of stuff was supposed to take so long. *sigh*
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