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Shadow [userpic]

Waiting mode...

June 6th, 2004 (01:48 pm)

Can't wait for the next chapter to arrive... but I have no idea when I'll get my hands on it. In any case, the fangirl's translation is up in the FruityGroup ML, but I've also been checking out a couple of other commentary sites. Only one of the three I check has been updated and one of the three (looks like they almost transcribe the thing) hasn't updated for 1.5 months. >_<

Continue reading below at your own risk!!! Spoilers from the upcoming chapter are in there!!!!

Anyhow, while not really *different* from Baby Pink, Citrus Mix much more clearly describes certain scenes in the manga. Kyoko's line to Kyo in his dream "yurusanaikara" (I won't forgive) has me very curious. Both sites though strongly suggest Kyo was there when Kyoko died.

However, I find Citrus' tie-ins interesting. Kyo asking Hanachan back in Vol 3? 4? at Kyoko's grave if she could hear the dead's voices and his own personal turmoil at visiting Kyoko's grave. If he'd been there when she died and if she'd actually said that...??

In any case, I'll see about adding a bit more later, but right now, it's late and I'm wanting sleep. >_<

Not to mention I want to write another chapter for my fanfics... Aaaa, I want another clone... oh wait. Maybe not. One, I couldn't live with myself, and two, two of us would try taking on too much and would be even more buried in things that I already am on my own! :P