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Shadow [userpic]

GH Vol 2 File 1

May 9th, 2004 (01:48 pm)

Okay, so it's... 7.5 hours off of the ninth. I'm not going to wait until midnight to update today, and I'm not putting two houses on one day. :P

Anyhow, Ghost Hunt Vol 2 File 1 has now been completed. I like the ST3 style at the moment and have been continuing with it since I hit upon it. Scanlating is possible but much slower and is also a lot harder on the hand. While I do use a tablet, it's started acting a little wonky the past few days as well which has me worried. This computer has never been the most stable (I've threatened to throw it through the living room window numerous times...) and I figure I'll probably have to replace it sometime this year... >_< Once every three years is a little much on the 'puter hardware side!

Anyhow, I hope folks enjoy this chapter. I quite like how the story goes from here on in. Lots more fun and more ghostly too. ^_^