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......I didn't even realise I *had* 2000 teeth, but I've sure pulled them. >.> Hopefully, in a few more days, NaNo's site will settle down and we'll be able to log-in and get our word counts in properly. I seriously need to know how their counter is going to read J characters. >.> As it is, right now, I'm fighting the good ol' tell vs. show issue as well as trying to figure out how much of potential (non-existent as yet) previous story to reveal while setting up this case. Urg, it's not coming out very well at all. *sigh*

That said, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that I'm having trouble writing seeing how I just finished reading all the main Hakushaku to Yousei novels as well as a couple of the short story collections. ^^; What's it say when I'm more inclined to translate 50k rather than write 50k? :P

Some of the SSs were cute. ^o^ If someone gave you a box with a seed in it saying 'do no plant', would you plant it? ^^;; As it is, it looks like we'll be skipping book two entirely and go straight on to book three where we meet Kelpie and Paul.

I'm in severe procrastination mode right now. *sigh* I wonder how many times I'm going to listen to this song before I got nuts. Either that, or I'm going to have to go after my iPod and listen to it instead. *sigh sigh*
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