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How sad is it that I've finished reading Hakushaku to Yousei book 2 even though I haven't finished book 1? (I've read to pg 160 or so; wherever the chapter is.) ^^; Having fun reading though. At a guess the third volume is the basis for the first CD drama, so that should be fun to read. ^^;

My favourite line/scene has got to be Lydia saying this in book 2:

"Raven, you li...... ar......?"

Ahahah! After all the approaches, after everything else, to have him do that. ^^;; I also really like how Raven's character is developing so far. He laughs! ^o^ Definitely having fun with the novels so far, and only have... 13 more to read before NaNo starts. *choke*

That said, there's some definite differences between the novels and the anime that become apparent very, very quickly when reading the novels. First among them would be Ermine. It'll be interesting to see what the anime does to fill in the holes and work around things.

Anyhow, this is only a quickie post. I'll post more about this series and other things later. (Hopefully, 'later' won't be after reading all 15 books and NaNo (and JLPT) are over either! :P )
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