Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

FB 92 draft

FB Ch 92 draft is now up. Yay! Another interesting chapter. Comments from the chapter follow so anyone who hasn't read or doesn't want spoilers should skip this until after they've read the chapter... ^_^

Anyhow, the fridge scene was so cute; *very* Tohru; but I think my favourite was seeing Katsuya put Tohru in grandpa's lap. It's funny how actions speak so much more than words sometimes; especially given the estranged nature of their relationship earlier. That scene was just *SO* sweet. *^_^*

The sad thing is I found the latter part of the chapter a bit... rushed perhaps? That was a bit unfortunate. I think probably next chapter we'll see more of Kyoko as she has to pull herself back together eventually. Tohru can only watch as her mother falls apart... what does she do to pull her out of it? Is that why she speaks as her father did? Does Kyoko end up so lost in her own grief that she neglects Tohru? Shall see. ^_^

Otherwise, next to be updated will be Ghost Hunt; perhaps another day or so. ^_^

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