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^o^ Yup, I do so like the movies. ^^; ROFLMAO! Love how the thing ended! :P That and ?!? What's that at the very end...?? Be interesting to see what they have planned for movie 13. ^o^ I don't think I've been following the TV series whatsoever for the past... I'm not sure how many DVDs I haven't watched now. I think male parental's the only one watching them now. I really should sit down with them all and just watch them from one end straight through to the other. :P I wonder though... I suspect the first seasons are all on LD maybe and the DVDs start from season 5 or 6...? Is that right? I'm not sure. I'd have to double check. It's been a very long time since I've watched this series. ^^;

And while quite early, hope my fellow Canucks have a great Thanksgiving long weekend! ^o^ We're having a small bird this year but apparently the sweet potato ended up getting souped today?!? I was a bit surprised to hear that. ^^;; I'll have to figure out something else for veggies for dinner. :P Likewise, no pumpkin pie. *sigh* Maybe I'll try making one for Christmas. :P
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