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the good out of the bad. :P


いいん 委員 医院
いこう 以降 移行 意向
いし 意志 医師
いじ 意地 維持
いじょう 以上 異常
いぜん 以前 依然
いど 井戸 緯度
いらい 依頼 以来
いりょう 衣料 医療

わい〜! ちゃんと書ける!

I've managed to install J-input on Haku (after 10 months!), so I'll be using Haku for NaNo rather than stealing FSU's laptop. ^_^ (Bolded words are those I wasn't familiar with. I'll have to remember them... ^^;) Next up, figuring out how to do/add ftp. ^^;

And I think all of the anime I've been watching lately has ended now. (Yakushiji Ryoko, Nabari no Ou, and Natsume Yuujinchou). Looking forward to seeing how VK-Guilty and Skip Beat go. There were a few other titles I'm curious about, but I can't recall the titles offhand. Anyhow, this test post was brought to you by the letters J and K. :P
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