Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Mokkun's going to Ontario...

Just got off the phone with Asus Canada and Mokkun'll be going off to Ontario tomorrow afternoon/evening. >.<; Hopefully all will go well. First impression of warranty service is good. Pretty much no wait time on the phone, and things went very quickly from 'what seems to be the problem' to taking details to getting it sent in. Since he's still under warranty, pick-up and shipping is all covered. ^_^ I'll have to take care of packing him up and typing up all the details for his return to Ont. later tonight.

Neya was the only other system that underwent warranty work for me. She was a drop-off, but it was three weeks before I got her back. >.> Here's to hoping that the turnaround time for Asus will be much faster, on par with their customer phone service. ^_^
Tags: computer

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