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Shadow [userpic]


September 29th, 2008 (12:56 am)

current mood: indescribable

......I think I'm a bit speechless. Mokkun seems to have died a sudden death a la video card. At a guess, I'll be phoning Asus's warranty service tomorrow. >.<;; This reminds me of my old Toshiba laptop (Neya) many many moons ago. She died just before the one year warranty period was up (I had a three-year extended plan) and likewise had the graphics card fail. The spooky thing is that Mokkun died almost right at midnight if I'm not mistaken. (I think it was a minute or two after.) Superstitious? Not me... >.>

*sigh* This may or may not affect IW as all of the files and login details for my website are on Mokkun, and I'll have to put the necessary info/files either on the desktop or FSU's MaKen. (I'm planning on stealing MaKen for NaNo, but... *shrug* It won't affect any ULing to ff.net if I can get to that point though.) From what I've heard, Asus's service is supposed to be pretty good (I guess I'll be finding out first hand...), so hopefully I won't be without him for too long. Maybe this is what I get for eyeing the Mac while checking out systems for the male parental. ^^; As it is, *he* should be getting a new 17" later this week or so, if all goes well. I'd hate to end up using his old 15" (dying plug-in connect) behemoth though. That thing is massively hot and heavy.

Well, if I look on the bright side, this might give me more incentive to open my J study books. I peeked inside one today and was greeted with various kanji that I neither knew how to read nor what they meant. >.> I'm doomed. *sigh* (As much as I've said that I wouldn't care if Haku died after a year, I think I'll be a touch upset if Haku decided to bite it any time soon. At least not until after Mokkun gets fixed up. >.> )

And to add insult to injury, I've had an earache bothering me all evening. Apparently, today was one day I should've stayed in bed with my head under the covers. ^^; Oh well. Here's to hoping tomorrow's better, and that all will be well soon. (At least this didn't happen during NaNo! ^^; )


Posted by: Shadow (kagedreams)
Posted at: September 29th, 2008 02:01 pm (UTC)

Yay, tea! ^_^ Boo on dead system. At least I still have Haku. ^^;

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