Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Still alive; GH Vol 2 prep

It's Golden Week in Japan and I believe there's also a comic market event of some sort. Certain many fan fic sites mentioned something about having space at an event... (Obviously I paid very close attention. ^_^;; ) In any case, not too much has been happening to date. I've since started working on Ghost Hunt Vol 2's set up and have put up the first page as a "teaser" (?) opening. The rest of the pages are currently not available. At the current rate though, the first chapter (File 1) may be ready by the weekend.

As of yet, I don't know when the next chapter for FB will be available since things've been fairly quiet on that front. No scans; no translations. *shrug* Shall prove interesting though; it sounded like an interesting chapter from the description. Unfortunately, none of the commentary sites in Japan have posted anything as yet. A bit of a shame since one of the sites likes to post what they think would be the worst possible continuations to the storyline for the next chapter. They're always amusing to read... ^_^;;

In any case, those who are into Ghost Hunt and are looking for a hint of what Vol 2 is like, take a peak at the GH page. Vol 2 is much better still than Vol 1 (IMO). ^_^

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