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Dead... *splat*

Today was the first day of Heritage Park's Harvest Sale, and for a change, we managed to get out on Saturday... ^^;

This year, FSU and I were good; we left the house shortly after 9 AM (gates open at 9 AM IIRC), and it's scarcely a 10 min drive from here. However, this was apparently too early and too late depending on how you look at things. ^^;

This sale is one of the things I look forward to every year. Not only because of the market, but because in order to go, you have to go to the park. This means you have to buy admission, which means you may as well take advantage of the park's own attractions at the same time. :P In my case, that means going to the Alberta Bakery and the General Store. Unfortunately, we were off on our timing and ended up going a bit too early. If I were a hardy and adventurous soul, I could have gotten a re-entry stamp and gone back after dropping off all the produce, but... by then, I think FSU and I were both ready to drop. :P

The yums: butter tarts, sausage rolls, and tray buns. The cries: no gingerbread men, sourdough bread (forgotten this year), or candies. *sigh* We were too early for the gingerbread men, and the General Store doesn't open until 10 AM. >.>

Then there was the market... Apparently, they had portabella mushrooms there! O_O However, they disappeared within ~30 mins so we were too late to get any. ^^;

Hmm... ahah! I knew I posted about this event at some point earlier. :P I'd wondered if this event was happening earlier than usual, and it seems that it has been moving up the calendar a bit. ^^;

As it is, this year's watermelon case lot sale wasn't as good as before, but today is Saturday. Apparently, the guy wanted $200 for a bin compared to $50 on Sunday a few years back. :P (One family bought ~6...) The one definite problem with this sale is that either you need to pair up with another family, or you need to do some preserving/freezing. (Or you have bunnies to feed. Male parental unit apparently wants to buy a goat because of everything we bought.) ^^; We even ended up buying some cabbage this year at 2/$1. >.> I guess I'll be making okonomiyaki one day, but have no idea what to do with the other 1-3/4 cabbages. >.>

The good thing (in some ways, bad in others) is that much of the produce is starting to take on more 'normal' pricings as well, so peaches and nectarines were 4/$1 or $3/basket or whatever per case. (I don't do much jamming any more so I wasn't going to even look at the case prices.) Unfortunately, the strawberries were only by the case, so I didn't look at getting any. They looked very yummy, but with one person in the house allergic to them... *sigh* (One lady at the sale had her bag ready for peaches by the basket, but ended up going for two cases instead. O_O;; Boy I hope she does jams or something. ^^; )

Looking at my previous post about the event, some prices are ~3x what they were three years ago. (Wow! Talk about massive inflation! ^^;) Other prices however, were essentially unchanged like celery @ 4/$1.

I'll admit, they did have some unusual items at the sale including Dong Qua a.k.a. winter gourd or wax melon. No idea what it is or how to work with it, so I didn't buy any. Also unexpected but present were mangoes and bananas. Not exactly what you'd call local produce! ^^; They did have corn at the sale, but we didn't buy any as the corn was from B.C. We'll be stopping by the roadside stand tomorrow when I go pick some stuff up at the mall. If we're lucky, they might also have some plums at the stand. ^^; The plums bought from the Farmers' Market last weekend disappeared in ~2 days and we're probably not going back for 2 weeks now. ^^;

This year, it appears that, for the first time ever, the Harvest Sale expenditures has exceeded the rest of our park expenditures. This would probably be because we missed out on half of our Bakery purchase and all of our candies. :P

Otherwise... there was the usual gamut of children's wagons as parents brought them to help transport bags of onions, potatoes, and corn. The most unique "carry" item I saw would have to be the golf bag carrier a woman was using for a case of peaches. :P

Apparently, I need to come up with an auxiliary shopping list for tomorrow. At the very least, I need to make and an apple/pear pie or two and I need to figure out what to do with all that cabbage and celery. >.<;
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