Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,


We have internet again. ^o^ Boy did we go through some serious stupidity before getting things back on track. ^^;

Ultimately, it ended up being the modem that died. The tech gave us a new modem and took our old one away. As it is, we had a horrendous time trying to get the router to work with the modem... until I finally read the modem box and discovered it's wireless. @_@ After that... *sigh* It was interesting. Apparently, Telus doesn't like XP-SP3 (requires minimum XP-SP2) and refused to install on the desktop system. ^^; I now have a bunch of crap on Mokkun since he was used to get the wireless fully set-up and configured before getting all the other systems online. That said, it's ironic that despite setting up the wireless on Mokkun, he was one of the last ones to be able to get connected. I had an icky time trying to figure out why he wouldn't connect. ^^;


All systems are now back up and connected. ^o^ The only remaining ick is that I can't seem to rename the connect the way I want to. >.> I'll have to double check later, but it wouldn't allow me to set my own name for it earlier. *sigh* I hate some of the names these things set for themselves. >.<;
Tags: internet

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